Scorned Brazilian Pregnant Wife Trashes Husband's Car Whilst He Dines With Mistress

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The woman started attacking the car with her bare hands and feet, even jumping on the roof to the extent that it eventually smashed in, setting off the burglar alarm. Undeterred and without anyone coming out to stop her - merely bystanders urging her not to hurt herself - the woman then sourced a rock from across the road and started hammering in the windows with that. Ouch.

The woman and her cheating husband are both unnamed, but we're dying to know what happened in the aftermath of the situation. We bet the husband is most definitely regretting his decision to play away right now, and with no get away car to escape her wrath. Oh dear. We're also kind of scared for the mistress, especially if she wasn't aware that the man was married...

Check out the video below - you go, girl - he kinda deserves this one!

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