Senator Faces Backlash For Claiming Nurses "Probably Play Cards" Most Of The Day So Don't Need Breaks


As we all know, nurses are some of the most hardworking folks out there! That anyone would question their hard work and compassion is, frankly, nuts. They're awesome!

So when they're not caring for the most vulnerable in our society, what do nurses like to get up to? My guess would be something along the lines of; catching up on all that freakin' sleep they miss out on because they're working ridiculous hours to keep people healthy and happy.

However, Senator Maureen Walsh has a slightly different idea of a Nurse's daily itinerary and recently suggested that even during work hours most nurses

“probably play cards for a considerable amount of the day”


Walsh came out with that particular nugget of wisdom when opposing a motion that would allow nurses uninterrupted meal and rest periods.


Unfortunately for Maureen, the eyes and ears of the internet were wide open and picked up on this blip really, really quickly...

(Image Credit: Maureen Walsh)

Nurses, in between games of cards, heard about Walsh's comments. Some were understandably pretty hurt by these comments, they're running themselves ragged to serve the people who need it most.

Others saw this is as the perfect opportunity to respond with their sassiest responses, showcasing that laughter really can be the best medicine!

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I don't know about you but "the trauma center" doesn't sound like the kind of place where a lot of super-duper fun card games occur... now does it?

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Yeah, you couldn't play any kind of fun game with these! It's amazing just how knowledgeable nurses are and really cool to get a little insight into some of the tricks they use to memorize all that info!

No game of snap is going to happen here!

But it wasn't all fun and (card) games. Some were truly upset by Walsh's statement and pointed out the importance of their job.

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Julie makes a damn good point! Whilst it's great to make jokes it's also worth remembering just how important nurses are and the amazing work that they do on the daily!

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This one says it all really, doesn't it?

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does not 

It's great how nurses have responded to these ridiculous comments. Making us laugh, sit up and pay attention and realize just how much nurses help us and our families.

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