Shocking Photos Of Animals Left Trapped In Abandoned Zoo Have Emerged


(Image Credit: Pen News) 

Following the zoo's closure, the animals have been left to filthy enclosures, no food and some are isolated from other animals.

The newly released images are heartbreaking. The animals are sitting despondently in their cages and concerns have been raised that the animals could escape and become a threat to the public.

The "Great Ape Project" heavily criticized the owners of the zoo for their complete inaction. We can't imagine how they continue to neglect these beautiful animals who are so clearly suffering.

Pedro Terrados, spokesman of the project said;

"The zoo is in a state of chaotic abandonment, with depressed animals unattended by veterinarians.

There is stagnant water in their enclosures, with great danger of infection if they consume it. It could also become a nest of mosquitoes, transmitting diseases.

Most of the animals are doing very badly psychologically."

Mr Terrados also expressed his fears that, if the situation remains as it is, then the animals will die.

(Image Credit: Pen News)

Bears, Tigers, and Monkeys, amongst a range of other animals, have been left to an uncertain fate due to the carelessness of zoo owners.

Terrados went on to comment:

"We are fighting in Spain for the state to create a rescue center to accommodate the animals that are abandoned by zoos or circuses that stop using them.

It is not ethical or educational to visit animals that have lost all their essence as a species, where they are bored and withered, and lifeless cards existing only for the amusement of humans.

The cages of the zoos are being emptied by the death of the animals. They must be closed forever and not used to exploit animals economically."

(Image Credit: Pen News) 

Regardless of your stance on the ethics of Zoos, we can all agree that if they do exist then they should serve to care and conserve the animals they house. Clearly, these zoo owners view their animals as nothing but a means to make money and have now left them to a truly terrible life.

Our hearts are breaking to see these wild animals cooped up, alone and depressed from a severe lack of interaction, feeding, and cleanly environment. If they cannot be roaming the wild, enjoying their freedom then they should at least be in an establishment where they are cared for properly.

(Image Credit: Pen News)

It's easy to imagine that animals are incapable of thought and feeling to the same degree as humans but it is evident in these images that the animals are suffering psychologically. Their suffering will not end unless the current state of the zoo is urgently addressed.

Once again humans have proven their ignorance and cruelty to animals. While we're deeply saddened and ashamed to see what is happening to these animals it is so encouraging to know that initiatives like Terrados' are striving to improve animal welfare in the face of cruelty.

Know an animal lover that would be interested in reading up on the Great Ape Project? What's your stance on zoos and has this news changed it? Let us know in the comments. AAx