Shocking Scenes As Climate Change Activist Glues Her Breasts To The Road As Part Of Protest


As climate change protests continue in London some activists are going to pretty extreme lengths...

(Image Credit: Jamie Lorriman)

This woman, for example, glued her upper half to the road outside the Goldman Sachs building on Fleet Street. She's part of Extinction Rebellion, an activist group who have been protesting against climate change in London, England's capital. I've got a lot of respect for anyone tackling climate change! Even if their methods are a little... unorthodox...

Police officers surrounded the woman with plastic sheets to keep the public from viewing/recording the incident. Then they set to work on "removing" her from the ground... I'm not sure how they did it, but I'm fairly certain it was painful...

much nobler cause than I... Apparently 

I speak as someone who is frequently stuck to the ground... just give me a couple of glasses of wine...

(Image Credit: Jamie Lorriman)

But anyway, there's important news happening here! Enough with the jokes! The protestors have decided to target the Stock Exchange because, as protestor Adam Woodall explains, 'people are making millions, even billions of pounds out of trading ecological destruction'.

Which is totally right on!

Sure, this gal has crazy methods but the earth is freakin' dying people! If we're not ready to do some ridiculous things for the one planet we have to live on then we're in really big trouble.

We can criticize all we want but at the end of the day this gal has loads of news articles being written all about her! So even though the climate change protesters were HUGE anyway, this woman is just bumping up their profile and if you ask me? That's ALWAYS going to be a good thing!

So far the Extinction Rebellion has had 1,088 arrests over the course of the climate change protests. They've been disrupting the capital of London by marching and staging peaceful protests.

The "Rebellion" hopes to put pressure on government officials to take action against climate change. Although some small steps have been made the protestors don't feel that it's enough.

I've gotta say, I totally agree! You can get rid of plastic straws but it won't save the earth in the way we desperately need! We need to band together to get this stuff sorted!

Although the protests in London will be wrapping up shortly the activist's work is far from complete! I have no doubt that these protesters will be back at it again soon, worldwide, trying to make the difference we know the world needs!

Were you a rebel in your younger days? Maybe you continue to be so?! I hope you're fighting the power on climate change, it's a huge threat not just to us but to our beautiful world and its amazing creatures.

Would you glue your breasts to the road to protest something?! Is it attention-seeking or a cleverly laid plot to get even more of a spotlight on a worthy cause?? Let me know in the comments! AAx