What Your Sleeping Positions Say About You

What Your Sleeping Positions Say About You

What Your Sleeping Positions Say About You

There’s a thing we do in the evening…or morning…or mid-afternoon, or just whenever we really fancy it, and according to some, the way in which we do it can say a lot about you. That’s right, we’re talking about sleep! It is thought that the way we sleep can reveal a lot about our character traits and personalities.

Professor Chris Idzikowski, director of the Sleep Assessment and Advisory Service of the Edinburgh Sleep Centre, believed that he had discovered the personality traits of sleeping positions after conducting a survey of sleepers way back in the 1940s. Talking about his research, he said: “We are all aware of our body language when we are awake but this is the first time we have been able to see what our subconscious posture says about us.”

So, let’s take a look at some of the most common sleeping positions and see what they say about how you do it.

1. The Log

Apparently, if you sleep on your side with your legs and both arms straight down (like a log,) you are believed to be even-tempered and social butterflies. You can be very trusting and sometimes gullible. If you have minor back pain, assuming the log position might be good as it keeps the spine straight.

2. The Baby

If you assume the foetal position, sleepers who adopt this style of sleep often lie on their side with their knees pulled up to their chest. These sleepers are said to be sensitive with a tough exterior and may be more reserved or introverted. Apparently twice as many women will adopt this position than men.

3. The Starfish 

Those who fall into dreamland on their backs with their arms over their heads are known as the starfish sleepers. These people apparently make excellent friends, are loyal, helpful and have good listening skills. They also don’t really like the limelight. Because they lie on their backs, they are also prone to snoring.

4. The Soldier

Lie on your back with both arms by your sides or on your chest? Then you’re a ‘soldier sleeper?’ You have very high standards for yourself and for others and are often very cool and quiet. Your life can be very structured and you take organisation seriously. Again, just like ‘starfishers,’ because you sleep on your back, you also may be more prone to snoring.

5. The Freefaller

Do you mostly lie on your stomach and hug your pillow? Then you are classed as a ‘freefaller.’ If this is you, you’re most probably free-spirited, confident and brash. You are extroverted and excitable, but bad at taking criticism. Sleeping on your stomach is supposed to be beneficial for digestion.

6. The Stargazer

Stargazers are those who fall asleep on their backs with arms wrapped above or behind their head, as if staring at the starry sky above them. These people tend to adopt a happy-go-lucky attitude about life and make their friendships an important priority. They can admire beauty, comfort and freedom but also can be greey with unrealistic expectations.

7. The Heron

If you sleep on your stomach or side with one knee raised, then you’re doing ‘the heron.’ Herons are said to be unpredictable and prone to rapid mood changes. You might also find it difficult to make decisions. You are drawn to adventure, but thrive in stable and quiet environments.

8. The Yearner

Those who nod off on their sides with their arms stretched in front of them are known as ‘yearners’ or ‘reachers’ If you adopt this position, that you are open-minded, inviting and tend to weigh all options carefully before making any kind of decision. However, once you do make a decision, you will not regret it or change your mind.

9. The Thinker

Sleep on your side with one hand under you chin? You could very will be a thinker. Thinkers are tough yet sensitive, with their emotional state bouncing between the two. You could also be adventurous one might but shy the next. Thinkers can be often vulnerable to emotional hurt and upset.

10. The Soldier-Starfish

There are some who sleep on their backs, but are not as sprawled out as a starfish or as rigid as a soldiers. These in-betweens are known as ‘soldier-starfishes.’ These hybrids have a flexible attitude and usually just go with the flow. But they can also come across quite wishy-washy and can be easily persuaded by others.

11. The Half-Baby

If you’re a half baby then you’re reliable! You will sleep on your side and have your knees up, but not fully in the foetal position. These people are usually more reliable and dependable. You can an infectious sense of calmness and smile at life, embracing changes and whatever the future may hold.

12. The Hugger

Whilst this isn’t technically a sleeping position, because you can hug your pillow in any of the positions, it can give out clues about your personality. People who sleep gripping their pillows are more likely to highly value their relationship with family and friends. You have a tendency to put others before yourself and run the risk of becoming people-pleasers.

And that concludes our list, so which one are you? Maybe you’re a combination of a few or maybe you’re wild and have your totally own way of sleeping! Let us know.