What Snack From Your Childhood Do You Wish They Would Bring Back?


1. This was the bubble gum that made you feel like you were in the Big Leagues.

2. Awww, our first cigarettes. . . Hopefully, it didn't last long for any of us!

3. This was delicious!  I remember that!

4. Yes!  All of these would have been the top of any kids' list!

5. Those were good cookies too.

6. Our childhoods were full of different bubble gums.

7. This was so that we could keep up a SURGE of energy all day!

8. Yum!  Let's home that they do.

9. A lot could be eaten at once.  That's for sure!

10. Too hot to eat but we tried anyway.

11. Better than cereal. A great breakfast on the go.

12. Yes, we remember these too.

13. They had any flavor that you could imagine.

14. More delicious chips.  These were great!

15. We loved these for lunch during school hours.

16. All of these drinks were delicious. It was hard to choose just one flavor.

17. Always.

18. Another tasty snack!