So There's A Panda "Daycare" That Exists And It's The Most Adorable Thing You'll Ever See


So are you having a hard week despite the fact that it's only Tuesday? Well never fear, because I have a sure-fire way of brightening up your day... I bring you; PANDA'S! And the amazing discovery of the fact that there's such a thing as a 'Panda Daycare'. YEP... that's right, Panda Daycare centers really do exist!


And yes, this magical, magical place has a name also. It's called the Chengdu Research Base in China, and it absolutely seems like it just might be one of the cutest places on earth. Not to mention,  it’s vitally important for the survival of the endangered giant pandas that we all love so FREAKIN' much, too (Don't deny it, I know you do!).

This panda “daycare” is actually a specialized breeding center and nursery and it seeks to breed new pandas to revitalize the dwindling wild population, which may be as small as 1,864. And let's be honest... having even more pandas in the world is most DEFINITELY not a bad thing, right!?

Anyway, in order to spread awareness of their plight, I thought I would share with you some of the most adorable images that have thankfully been shared with us by Chengdu Research Base themselves. So scroll down and enjoy!

Check out this little guy, eager to work on his soccer skills. Maybe he's hoping to go pro!?

And these three cheeky chaps having a good ole game of wrestling!

And I knew feeding pandas would probably look cute... but I HAD FREAKIN' IDEA JUST HOW CUTE IT WOULD ACTUALLY BE!

I just LOVE that these guts are given human kids toys to play with too. Look how this little guy has already mastered the rocking horse!

Feeding time for these guys too, but they're taking more of a "puppy-like" approach to eating their food and I absolutely LOVE IT.

Uh-oh, looks like these two tykes haven't really learned how to share quite just yet!

Ohhhh I just love that these little guys all curl up together in the same bed! And just look at how the two in the middle have barely got their proper color in yet! Baby fur!

Oh my gosh, I didn't think they could get any smaller BUT I WAS WRONG! These are definitely the newest little bundles of absolute joy at this daycare.

And look at these little guys, trying to top up their tans by catching some rays outside in the garden.

This is so cute, I'm either gonna guess it's a momma bear helping out her cubs or just an older member of the pack showing the younglings how to properly climb a frame!

Woah, woah, woah guys! Take it easy... don't want to be hitting that bottle too hard so early on in life!

I like this little guy, he's just off doing his own thing, amusing himself, staying out of all the panda-related drama... whatever that may be.

Same with this little fella! Just him and his green... pony? donkey? Against the world! Can't help but wonder if there's a significance with all these green items hanging around. Is green a pandas favorite color?

These guys are taking the phrase "we're just hanging out" to a WHOLE new level! Boy oh boy does that look like a lot of fun!

I think this is possibly my favorite out of all of the images, although I concur how difficult it actually is to pick a favorite. But it's just so pure, and sweet. I mean it's snowing but that's not gonna stop this little guy from having the time of his life, right!?  Inspirational.

Honestly, to me this looks like just a massive pile of teddy bear pandas?? Aside from maybe that bigger one in the middle who is shooting us the most ADORABLE LITTLE SMILE OH MY GOD.

Another thing I'm totally learning about pandas today which I never knew before... they clearly absolutely LOVE rocking horses!? Just one more thing me and baby pandas have in common.

And last but not least, ending on my total spirit animal Panda, who is just out there doing his own thing, making sure no crumb is left eaten in that bowl. Can someone please inform how I can legally adopt one of these things immediately!?

Okay so I'm currently researching online how exactly I become a Panda Daycare specialist nursey nurse, is there anybody who wants to join me!? Don't forget to share this article with all your friends and family in order to spread awareness of all the amazing work Chengdu Research Base in China does for pandas (and in turn - us) from all over! x