So There's A Panda "Daycare" That Exists And It's The Most Adorable Thing You'll Ever See

So There’s A Panda “Daycare” That Exists And It’s The Most Adorable Thing You’ll Ever See

So There’s A Panda “Daycare” That Exists And It’s The Most Adorable Thing You’ll Ever See

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    So are you having a hard week despite the fact that it’s only Tuesday? Well never fear, because I have a sure-fire way of brightening up your day… I bring you; PANDA’S! And the amazing discovery of the fact that there’s such a thing as a ‘Panda Daycare’. YEP… that’s right, Panda Daycare centers really do exist!

    And yes, this magical, magical place has a name also. It’s called the Chengdu Research Base in China, and it absolutely seems like it just might be one of the cutest places on earth. Not to mention,  it’s vitally important for the survival of the endangered giant pandas that we all love so FREAKIN’ much, too (Don’t deny it, I know you do!).

    This panda “daycare” is actually a specialized breeding center and nursery and it seeks to breed new pandas to revitalize the dwindling wild population, which may be as small as 1,864. And let’s be honest… having even more pandas in the world is most DEFINITELY not a bad thing, right!?

    Each panda cub is super special – not just because of how cute they are (but like, obviously, they are – ridiculously so), but also because of how hard it actually is to get pandas to breed. Females are able to breed for only 2-3 days a year (can you imagine!?), and they only give birth to one cub every two years. Nature is super weird.

    Anyway, in order to spread awareness of their plight, I thought I would share with you some of the most adorable images that have thankfully been shared with us by Chengdu Research Base themselves. So scroll down and enjoy!

    Check out this little guy, eager to work on his soccer skills. Maybe he’s hoping to go pro!?

    And these three cheeky chaps having a good ole game of wrestling!

    And I knew feeding pandas would probably look cute… but I HAD FREAKIN’ IDEA JUST HOW CUTE IT WOULD ACTUALLY BE!

    I just LOVE that these guts are given human kids toys to play with too. Look how this little guy has already mastered the rocking horse!