Staff At Hospital Line Up In Honour Of A Dying Man's Final Moments Before Donating His Organs

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(Image Credit: Saint Luke's Health System, Meridian, Idaho)

And, aside from making my freakin' eyes water, it shows respect and empathy for patients willing to allow their organs to be passed on to other in-need people in what the hospital describes as 'an incredible gift of life'.

(Image Credit: Saint Luke's Health System, Meridian, Idaho)

Staff from all departments stand side-by-side in complete silence whilst the donor is wheeled down the hallway towards the operating room in which they'll experience their final moments.

In this particular video, the man is just 53-years-old and having been on life support for some time, an agreement was made to call time on his life and allow someone else to potentially extend theirs.

The family of the man have requested that his identity remain undisclosed.

What a privilege to be invited to be there in that moving moment.

The 'Walk of Respect' has become a tradition at St. Luke's, but the world is now able to see it captured on video after the man agreed that it could be filmed.

The MailOnline have reported that it is unclear as to which organs were being donated this time around. But, the hospital felt that releasing footage would act as a tribute to a man losing his life long before anyone should ever have to.

In the video, you can see staff struggling to hold back the tears. After all, this would be pretty freakin' emotional to be a part of.

What's more is many of the staff members at St. Lukes had gotten to know the man's family well, and so to some it would have felt a little more personal.

The moment took place on September 27th and he become the second donor in just a week.

Public Relations manager for the hospital, Anita Kissee said:

(Video Credit: 6abc Action News & Saint Luke's Health System, Meridian, Idaho)

She also took time to thank the family of the patient, as there decision to allow the footage to be shared has brought the warmth shown by the hospital staff to the public's attention.

A spokesperson for St. Luke's Health System explained:


"It's a way to pay tribute to the patient, their incredible gift of life, and support the family during a deeply emotional time.

"The employees who are available at the time all gather on the fourth floor and line the halls from the ICU to the elevator. We had two this week, which is unusual. Each of our hospitals have their own version of this, but Meridian is the largest."


The MailOnline reported that the director of the intensive care unit at the hospital expressed her thoughts on the situation to local TV station KIVI-TV:



Faithwire have stated that the man's organs have been donated to the Pacific Northwest Transplant Bank.

What do you make of the 'Walk of Respect' Acidheads?

See the full video below:




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