The Story Of An Undercooked Steak, A Dinner Party At Her Bosses House And An Idiot Husband

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What you do here is cut both you and your wife's steaks in half and each swap a half before the boss returns. Then you both eat the well prepared half and describe how delicious it is but that you're full by the time you get to the rare half. C'mon OP.

There is a section in Reddit dedicated to people sharing their stories of how they F*cked up that day. It is called TIFU (Today I f*cked up) and after having a browse recently, we came across this epic story.

It all started out when a guy was invited to his wife's bosses house for dinner. She had not long been in the job so understandably wanted to impress. The story starts as follows:

This is when the problems started to unfold.

Now the real fun unfolds. Like something from a comedy movie...

At this point you really do have to feel for him.

Source - Reddit

There were hundreds of comments under the story but this one in particular caught my eye because it is such a good idea!

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