Street Artist Paints Fake Shadows To Fool The Public And It's Confusing Everyone

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1.) Bench Monster

I think this bench’s true identity has just been revealed. It is actually some kind of monster in hiding…I bet loads of pedestrians had to stop and look at this to figure it out. This one is so well done!

2.) Flower power

This one is just so cute! Who knew that bike stands could actually be this adorable? Regular shadows just look so boring now…

3.) Redwood City has lost its head

Aww, this shadow should be the mascot for Redwood City. He just looks so happy! This is such a great way to welcome people into the city and you can’t help but smile just looking at this friendly shadow.

4.) Confused monkey

This monkey shadow seems to be confused about paying for parking and I can’t blame him! At least he MIGHT make people smile when parting with their cash…

5.) Bike rack fun

These adorable little robot people seem to be having fun passing bricks around, looks like they are easily amused. I wonder how many people looked around in confusion to see where these shadows were even coming from!

6.) Brilliantly subtle

This one ties in so well with the shape of the object, it’s probably one of the most believable ones! I would definitely think that I was going insane if I saw this shadow…

7.) He’s behind you!

This shadow painting seems to be following the guy in front of him, he’s copying his mode of transport too! This one is a little creepy, especially at night…

8.) Adorable train

This is the cutest little train of monsters that I have ever seen! They look so cute and happy, the city is now a magical wonderland thanks to Damon and his amazing art skills.

9.) Mailbox monster

I think that this one is my favourite. The shape of the mailbox perfectly matches the shape of the monster and this one would definitely make me jump if I walked past it at night…

10.) Teamwork

These little shadow people are a perfect example of teamwork and they will hopefully motivate everyone else in the city to follow suit!

Walking down the street would be much more fun if you had these adorable little shadow paintings to marvel at! Although, if I was walking home late at night, these might just freak me out a little…

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