Strongbow Dark Fruits Boy Is Twitter's New Meme And It's Hilarious

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And they all love Liam Gallagher.

They'll even try and incorporate "as you were" into as many of their Tweets as possible, signing off with their initials and an x just in case you forgot whose account it was.

They simply love 'real music' and their football team. And Strongbow Dark Fruits.

The poor things aren't the smoothest with the ladies (the song lyric sub-tweets don't really help them), but if they do happen to score themselves a Fiat 500 girl, brace yourselves.

You won't go a day without a couples selfie or tale of how he went out and got her a 20-box of McNuggets without her even asking - what a prince.

Let's all take a drink and have an absolutely mad night for the painfully average Strongbow Dark Fruit boys. As you were KW x

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