Boy Tweets That His Dad's Upset Because No One Has Come To His Newly Opened Donut Shop, So Thousands Turn up


The family had put a lot of hard work into opening the store, and the donuts looked delicious, but no one showed up on the day. The shop was bright and sparkling new, everything was ready for a successful start to Billy’s Donuts - all that was missing was customers.

Billy’s dad, being from an older generation, perhaps didn’t know just how important of social media is for marketing purposes in this day and age. His son Billy does though, and he took to Twitter to share a pic of his dad looking ‘sad’ about his predicament.

It obviously struck a chord with Twitter users around the world, as the tweet racked up an amazing 750,000 likes in a short amount of time. People were expressing their sympathy for Dad, and encouraging anyone who was in the area to visit the store and buy some donuts.

It didn’t take long before this online social media buzz turned into real-life results, as people started queuing up to try out Billy’s donuts. They weren't just doing it out of sympathy, either - I mean, just look at how tasty these things look!

Billy’s original tweet now has over 325,000 retweets and over 750,000 likes, as people banded together to give this family-run business a boost. People started showing up at the shop in huge numbers, and Billy’s dad sold out so rapidly that his delicious donuts became a highly sought-after prize.

This kind of viral buzz for an independent business happens fairly regularly on Twitter, but this one took a turn for the unexpected when Twitter themselves got in on the action, tweeting from their official account that they would be visiting the following day.

I'm so glad to see Twitter being used for a wholesome, positive reason, rather than people just spewing politcal rhetoric at one another. As you can see from the picture below, Billy's dad is extremely happy with how things turned out - some contrast to the original photo of him!

Billy's Donuts isn't just a flash in the pan, either - since the dust has settled from their viral moment, the business has picked up a steady stream of really positive reviews online, with many people commenting on how tasty the donuts are, and how friendly Billy's family members are.

All the best for the future, Billy and family! I'm sure you guys will be providing the local community with top-quality donuts for many years to come.