Student Fights Back Against Bullies After Losing 1/3 Of Her Body Weight

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Gilbert was diagnosed with anxiety and depression which only hit harder as she was bullied - after seeing how miserable she looked in her senior school photographs, she was determined to make a change.

She started off by exercising every day in her local park, and then got herself a personal trainer. Now, she's grown to love working out.

Of course, it wasn't a transformation that happened within seconds, as she admits: “At first it was hard, but I knew I had to push through it and grew to love working out, I believe hard times make you grow.

I learned to eat the right foods and the correct amount too, I started strength training and began to love exercising.”

Nowadays Meghan weighs 137lbs/9st 11lbs, and is promoting her fitness journey as a young fitness model on her Instagram.

What was once the most hated part of her body, she loves the most. She's taken the negative criticism about her thighs and turned it around completely - now she loves her legs.

“I see my legs as a strong point, before I never used to wear shorts or show my legs but now I love how big and muscular they are,” she said.

“Now if anyone tells me my legs are huge I can say I have “thunder thighs” in a positive way.

People used to use it against me as something bad but now I body build I see it as a good thing, they are strong, muscular and something to be proud of.”

Working out completely changed not only Meghan's body shape, but her face shape, her health, her confidence and outlook on life. She's admitted that she feels like a whole new person!

“Before I didn't wear shorts outside because I hated myself too much, now I can go outside in a bathing suit and feel confident that I'm beautiful.

I see my legs as my strongest point and the asset I'm most proud of, I work on them all the time, while I still have some fat I love them.”

Gilbert is inspiring other people out there to turn their lives around, to transform themselves into happier, healthier version of themselves - and that's pretty cool!

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