Study Proves Dogs Lie Awake At Night And Think About Their Problems Too

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Hey folks! I hope you're all having a great day! Everyone feeling happy? Carefree? Great! But, also I'm sorry, because I'm about to ruin it for you with some devastating news from the science world...


Researches in Hungary have gotten together to do a study, and consequently to bring us all some devstating news; apparently, just like many of us, dogs lie awake at night thinking about their problems after a stressful and/or emotional day. Yep... I know. I. am. absolutely. CRUSHED.


The researchers eventually found that after a three-hour nap, all the dogs who were subjected to the stressful experience had had the worst sleep. They basically spent an avaergae of around 20 more minutes in REM (which is the active sleep stage characterized by vivid dreaming and an increased heart rate) when compared to the dogs who had expeirenced the positive day. The stressed out dogs also ended waking up a lot more quickly than their more relaxed counterparts.

one negative experience in your dogs life won't be able to cause a major sleeping problem... but regular stressful experiences could


Happy cuddling folks!

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