Study Shows That Husbands Stress Their Wives Out More Than Their Kids Do

Study Shows That Husbands Stress Their Wives Out More Than Their Kids Do

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    Shock shock, horror horror. Honestly, I can’t believe they actually had to do a study in order to figure this out.

    Anyway, as it turns out, married women experience more stress than single women do. And it’s pretty underdtandable when you consider what a huge load they have to bear; work, parenthood, and of course, marriage.

    Stressed wives are more likely to experience headaches, fatigue, and unsuprisingly, anger. Not to mention how freaking stressful parnting can be.

    But now there’s been a study that have proven that, despite all these stresses of the every-day married woman, it’s actually the husbands who stress their wives out, more thn their actual kids do. According to said study, 46% of wives say that their children create less stress than their husbands do… and it’s got nothing to do with cheating or abuse.

    The Bright Side has helpfully drawn up some examples of why this might be. Keep scrolling!

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    A husband basically acts like another child.

    The harsh (but unsuprising) truth is that men will behave like kids until they’re about 43 years old. Yep, that’s right. Forty. Three. Years. Old. This is evident not only in their fivolous attitudes toward various issues, but also in the way they interact with children.

    “A 7-year-old is going to be a 7-year-old. But a 35-year-old acting like a 7-year-old is more stressful because they should know better,”  one of the responders commented during this research.

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    More often than not, dads tend to have fun with their kids. Consequently, fathers are perceieved as “a friend, a holiday and an accomplice with fun ideas” whereas mothers are more often concerned with practical issues realting to upbringing, didcipline, health and the educational development of a child… in other words, all the “boring” stuff.

    Women tend to follow daily routine, by giving their children instructions and forbidding many shenanigans. Basically, Moms assume the role of “the bad cop”, which affects their relationships with their childen and can lead to conflict between the parents themselves.



    U N I T Y. Stick together in your decisions. If one parent forbids something then the second should support that decision.

    It’s also important to equally share the rsponsibility for the daily care of children, too.

    It’s all about the balance, folks!

    Household chores that a woman does become overwhelming.

    One in 5 Moms don’t get enough help from their spouse, and this is a major source of daily stress. Shockingly (not), wives spend more time on housework wheras husbands spend more time relaxing. Woman’s duties include (but are never limited to) cooking, cleaning, paying bills, grocery shopping and planning budgets. Although tese activities are very important for the support structure of the family, they can become overwhelming for just one person to handle alone.

    It also isn’t the easiest or most pleasent work, either. Doing chores brings both sexes more stress and if a wife has to take care of the household alone, her stress will increase.


    Well, I mean, the most simple and obvious answer is that the husband can help with the housework. In fact, equally shared household responsibilities are one of the top reasons for a successful marriage.

    Both spouses should be able to appreciate the efforts of the other. All and any work is valuable, even if it doesnt happen to generate income. Chores divided in half get done twice as fast, leaving more time to be able to spend with each other!

    A woman feels guilty and lacks free time.

    Considering ALL the duties of wives, they most likely feel like they don’t actually have any free time whatsoever. Especially if they also work full time.