Study Shows Women Happier Being Single Than Men

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Data analysts intel have revealed that 61% of single women are happy being so, whereas only around 49% of single men are happy with their marital status.

Findings also discovered that 75% of single women were not actively looking for a relationship in the last 12 months, compare that with 65% of men.

The reasoning behind this behaviour, is reportedly that for women, being in a relationship is a lot of work, and takes it toll more on women than men. I can safely say as a man with a five year long relationship under his belt, this certainly doesn't feel to be the total truth.

The only stress on the females half I encountered, was which shoes went with what outfit, and wondering who was getting off with who in town.

“There’s evidence that women spend longer on domestic tasks than men and I think they also do more emotional work - so they still do more housework and cooking and things as well as more emotional labour,” Professor Emily Grundy, from the University of Essex revealed.

Again, as that man again. I cooked, and cleaned, she didn't. Give the fellas a break!

Factors such as investing more into your appearance, completing day-to-day chores, and attempting to resolve problems or quarrels, being in a heterosexual relationship apparently takes it toll more on the females than the males.

This accumulation of stress results in women being happier single, than men. It is believed that women are better at socialising, and are more likely to have close friends they can turn too in times of need. It seems the concept of "gal pals" is something that strongly benefits a females emotional support system.

“So it may be that women have a wider range of alternatives

This point I do dispute. Many times I would turn to my brothers in arms during the course of that relationship, and find comfort in some inappropriate profanities they may share. A pat on the back, a pint, and an insight into some disturbing tale from that one mate who's meeting a subject of Tinder every other night.

It's also been noted that the stigma of being a single woman is gradually changing.

The age old concept of being a spinster and a bachelor is something that is being left in the past, as society is finally realising that women may actually be single because they enjoy being. They don't actually need anyone else.

Well, us men don't need anyone either. We get to go out when we wish, with whom we wish. We are free form the constraints of the mind games you play, and we also save a shit load of money, from not having to put up with materialistic demands.

Apologies for the rant, but I thought I'd fight the lads corner a bit.

On the other hand, you're free from our indecisiveness, lack of organization, and generally carefree manner, which contributes greatly for conflict.

For that we apologize. Profusely. But you lot are just as bad.

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