Supermarket Aldi Will Donate All Their Surplus Food To The Homeless This Christmas

Supermarket Aldi Will Donate All Their Surplus Food To The Homeless This Christmas

Supermarket Aldi Will Donate All Their Surplus Food To The Homeless This Christmas

It’s fair to say that most of us love the holiday season, and most of us can’t wait to celebrate Christmas Day with family and friends. However, it is important that we always remember the true spirit of Christmas – giving to those less fortunate.

Aldi is a German supermarket chain that has outlets all over Europe, as well as over 1000 here in the USA. The chain is particularly popular in the UK, and the reason for its success is pretty simple – they sell good-quality food at low prices.

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This year, it looks like Aldi will make itself even more popular with the British public, by donating all of their surplus food to the homeless.

Aldi, like many other companies, will run its own donations scheme, where customers can donate food to those less fortunate at this special time of year. But that’s not all – Aldi have also decided to take the next step, and redistribute all surplus fresh food (from its 775 UK stores) to local homeless charities on Christmas Eve. The charities will then distribute all that food to those in need.

This will mean that even those who don’t have a dime will be able to enjoy a nice Christmas dinner.

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So much perfectly good food goes to waste in the US and the UK, for one reason or another – it might be a day out of date, misshapen, damaged packaging, etc. It’s good to see a company like Aldi doing something to tackle that, while simultaneously helping out those less fortunate.

As part of the scheme, charities and good causes will be paired with local stores and can collect perishable products such as fruit, vegetables, fresh meat, fish and bread after the store closes at 6pm.

Aldi is hoping this year’s scheme will surpass the 450,000 meals donated to more than 300 charities across the UK last Christmas.

Fritz Walleczek, Managing Director of Corporate Responsibility, said: “We’re starting our festive donations scheme even earlier this year to give as many charities as possible the opportunity to apply.

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“We want to give something back to the communities that we serve at such an important time of year.

“Last year we were able to reach thousands of people across the UK, and some charities were even able to prepare fresh meals that fed families well into the New Year.”

Here’s to the folks at Aldi – let’s hope that some other supermarkets follow suit!