Quiz : Can You Name All These Sweets Without Their Wrappers?

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There were a lot of perks of being a kid.

Remember what it was like beingĀ able to eat whatever you wanted and not worry about calories or putting on weight because you will just burn it off in the playground?

It is a real shame but these days, we rarely see the gold old sweet shops of our youth around Britain. A few weeks back, while shopping in Skipton, West Yorkshire, we were lucky enough to pop into this one.

See video below.

It sent me right back into my childhood remembering all those yummy sweets and chocs.

Then we found this quiz and had to share it with you. You will be shown a load of classic sweets without their wrappers and asked to identify them. It is more tricky than you may think.

Why not give the quiz below a try to see how many you can get right? Leave your score in the comments.

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