Sylvanian Families Toys Could Fetch You Up To $650

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The animals came as a family set, which included mum, dad, son and daughter. They came complete with old-fashioned outfits, houses, and even jobs.

The loveable characters were first brought to the UK back in 1985, after originally being designed by Japanese company Epoch.

It's transpired in recent news that the older the models you may possess, the more they'll be worth!

It was in 2017 that a collector of the toy set let go a rare Japanese doll, from 2003, for an unbelievable $650, which was actually around 5 times its asking price which was just $128.

Another teddy bear from the same set and era of the 1980's fetched an impressive $592.

The brand last year celebrated its 30th anniversary, which began to bring a huge amount of attention to the brand. This will see a huge relaunch, in which there will be a 22 new products introduced. The company say this will be the biggest launch for them in 30 years.

The newer collection takes its characters from their more familiar countryside setting and into a more town like inspiration for the first time.

The prices for the new objects start at just $12.98. The new characters include rabbit Stella as well as the Maple cat family, which compromises of a dad, mum, and their twins.

If you're a collector with a bit of nouse, it's probably advised to keep an eye on them, as the likelihood is they will rise in price in a few years time.

Here's a look at some of the originals however, which seem to be fetching a small fortune.

Sylvanian Families Japanese Doll 2003 - $650 

This was the rare item that sold for five times more than its auction price of $128. The seller was based in Derby, and claimed that only roughly a hundred of the figures were actually made.

The doll came set with a certificate, which evidenced that it was actually the 53rd out of the 100 dolls made. It came with the original box and accompanying display plate, which made it very valuable to collectors.

Sylvanian Families Vintage Timbertop Bear, 1980's - $597 

Another piece here that's over 30 years old, adding even more value in the eyes of the collector. The toy is actually over 11 inches tall as well, which means it's actually a lot taller than other toys available in the set.

A collector inspected the toy and proclaimed that it was "in very good condition for its age", even though the bear did have some "scruffs and rubs", with the shirt being slightly discoloured.

These small flaws were overlooked however, with the toy fetching $597 at auction.

Sylvanian Families NIB Grand Hotel With Right NIB Furniture Sets + Extras, No Date - $422

This bundle went for $422, which was an astonishing 13 times its start price of $32.

The set includes The Sylvanian Families Grand Regency Hotel with 26 figures, complete with furniture and accessories.

The building is actually 3 storeys high and comes with a stained glass window. A chandelier and a balcony overlooks the wonderful Sylvaninan view.

It is still available to purchase from Tesco and other stores in the present day, so the accompanying accessories added value to the listing.

The seller commented that all the items are in very good clean condition and come from a smoke and pet free home.

A description attached to the item is included, which is a good way to round up more interest on eBay.

Sylvaninan Families House On The Hill 2002 - $473

You'll be lucky if you have one of these bad boys lurking in a loft somewhere.

It was released in 2002, and at the time was the largest home by the brand .

It includes three floors, inclusive of rooftop floor nursery.

The seller noted how it was hardly used, and it came along with the original box.

It was sold for a huge $473, despite initially being priced at just $52

Sylvanian Families Applewood Department Store 2008 - $336

This rarity department store was purchased in pristine condition, for a not too shabby $336. The seller noted that this particular set was available in 2009, but only for a limited time at Harrods. The set even contained black stickers to turn the department store into your very own Harrods.

Sylvanian Families Vintage Mansion House $162

One bidder pinched this vintage house for a cool $162. The seller was based in Newcastle, and reported that there were not many of these playsets left available. The house was immaculate, but the proch had undergone some repairs.

The pictures included showed the house in fairly good condition, which will have convinced the collectors to buy it.

Vintage Slyvanian Families Figures Bundle $288.

This huge bundle of toys from the 90's fetched $288 after 22 bids. Weird amount of two's there. The auction remarkably started out at just $1.29

The seller noted that they were all in "well cared for condition", and she did not specify which sets the characters came in, or how many toys there were in total.

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