Terminally Ill Girl's Last Wish Is To Receive Letters From Everyone Else's Dogs


Emma is a huge fan of our canine friends, and the unconditional love and happiness they provide. In these hardest of times, she can think of nothing better than hearing from dogs the world over.

People from all over the country and many others parts of the world have happily obliged, sharing lots of notes and photos from their four-legged pals. They have sent hugs, kisses and tail wags to Emma in her time of need. They've written about their favorite hobbies, movies and treats, and most importantly of all, they've let Emma know that she is in their thoughts, and that she is loved.

Emma and her family have obviously been going through a tough time, but according to her GoFundMe page, the dog-obsessed little girl is in great spirits:

"Last weekend she was having a normal weekend playing with friends, playing in the snow, and wrestling with her brothers. On Sunday though, she got a headache and started having flu like symptoms. By Wednesday, she was rushed into surgery to reduce swelling on the brain. She has had a second surgery now and is preparing for 6 weeks of daily radiation therapy. She is a fighter and she and her family along with everyone on Team Emma are here to fight for her."

One can only imagine what her family are going through at this difficult time, but hundreds of people are honoring Emma's wishes by sending photos from their dogs, along with messages of love and support.

Tania Calverley sent the above photo of her two snow-covered pups with the note: "Burley and Babette send lots of love and doggie kisses from cold Ottawa, Ontario Canada."

Megan Janofski wrote from Michigan. "Hi Emma! Our names are Daisy and Tymber and we live in Michigan. We love cuddling and playing fetch. Our owner told us you aren’t feeling good. We are sending all our love to you! We think you’re pretty incredible for going through this. Stay strong and brave. Love, Daisy and Tymber."

Maria Emilia sent greeting from her two dogs in Virginia Beach. "Hi sweet and beautiful Emma! My two Aussie pup pups want to send you tons of hugs and kisses - little Shelby and big brother Nikki boy say that you are AWESOME!"

Ursula Bedeaux's dog Lola sent the message: "Hi Emma, our mom told us about you and how brave you are. She also told us that you love dogs, so Harriett, Maggie, and I (Lola), thought we would send you some hugs and kisses from Minnesota!!! ❤️❤️❤️"

Emma and her family have set up a dedicated Facebook page for all the letters from her canine friends around the world. Why not stop by and send her some love from your doggies!

We at Aunty Acid are all praying for this sweet little girl and her family. Don't forget, you can donate towards the family's medical costs at their GoFundMe page.