Tesco Are Selling Multipacks Of Pink Gin At A Ridiculous Price

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The supermarket giant is currently offering pre-mixed Gordon's pink gin at £10 for a set of 10 x 250ml cans.

Any maths geniuses out there will have quickly noticed that this comes in at only £1 per can of Gordon's, so there's no excuse not to nip down to Tesco and pick up a few packs.

The amazing find was discovered by money saving expert Holly Smith on her Facebook page Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK.

What makes the offer even better is that normally cans cost £1.80 each, meaning that ten regular cans would set you back £18. That's on top of the money you need to spend on tonic water and strawberries.

So far it seems as though the offer is in-store only, so any online shoppers out there will have to get themselves down to their nearest Tesco to locate the pink gin. But with the weather set to be a scorcher this weekend, you definitely won't regret popping down to the shop!

Social media users are already going crazy about the bargain. One enthused fan wrote:

I do buy the regular gin and slim cans you will like them!! Saves drinking a whole bottle! Better for us. Ha Ha. Also go in your handbag!! Whoop. Whoop.

Another said:

I was legit wondering if they did these for holiday. Obvs answered my question.

One person even joked:

I need to get some of these for the bus.

Judging from these responses, we'd get down to Tesco quick before they're all gone!

If pink gin isn't your thing, Sainsbury's are also offering some alcoholic summertime treats in the form of boozy ice pops. We have a feeling this might be the new craze for July and August - flavours come in classic Gin & Tonic and Raspberry Bellini.

They only cost £3 for a pack and they're 4.5 per cent ABV, so only adults 18 or over can buy.

Which of these will you be treating yourself to this weekend?

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