TEST YOURSELF: Only People With A High IQ Can Read All These Words

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It's pretty cool how our brains work - they do a lot of the hard stuff for us, automatically.

We can read words backwards as long as they have the right letters, sometimes we don't even notice letters missing from words because we're so used to reading them that we skip past it with ease.

With only 26 letters in the alphabet, we've got most words down by now, and use and encounter thousands of them on a day to day basis whether that's written, read, heard or spoken.

But what about when parts of the word itself are missing?

Only people with high IQ's can pass this quiz, where you have to read and identify the word when a good amount of it has been erased.

This will really test your intelligence, and how familiar you actually are with these words, and whether you've done enough reading since the days where you had to in school!

So, how did you do? Did you pass the quiz? Are you smarter than you thought you were, or do you need to start hitting the books again?

Did you find this test actually quite easy, or were you quite surprised at how different everyday words looked when written with sections missing?

Make sure to share this with a friend who likes to think that they're the sharpest tool in the shed, and likes to boast about either how smart they are, does a bit of over-kill with the big, fancy words just to show off, or is always seen with their nose in a book big enough to be classified as a weapon!

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