Test Yourself: How Many Disney Cats Can You Name?

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"I hated those racist cats fromĀ 

If you're a cat person, a Disney person, or both - you're going to love this. We're about to test your knowledge on how well you can name all of these Disney felines!

Growing up, there was also the matter of having a favourite - and let's be real, we still have that one Disney cat who will stick with us for life.

When asked about their favourite Disney cat, here's what a few friends had to say (without giving away their names, of course!):

...Turns out these kitties are just really fun to describe. Those who are doomed to struggle with this quiz might find this gem relatable:

And then there was this:

Oh dear.

Do you have a favourite Disney cat? Let us know in the comments, along with your score from the quiz!

So, without further ado: it's time to name these cats!

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