Test Yourself: How Many Disney Cats Can You Name?

Test Yourself: How Many Disney Cats Can You Name?

Test Yourself: How Many Disney Cats Can You Name?

If you’re a cat person, a Disney person, or both – you’re going to love this. We’re about to test your knowledge on how well you can name all of these Disney felines!

Both domestic and wild, cats have played a huge role in classic and modern Disney films, taking the roles of heroes and villains as well as lovable fluffy sidekicks. From films like the The Aristocats which we remember from our childhoods and features cats as the main characters, to recent movies such as The Secret Life of Pets, Disney cats have always had a special place in our hearts.

As much as we love our famous wild felines from the likes of The Lion King and The Jungle Book, his quiz focuses on domestic cats – or at least kitties you might find in your home. Honestly, a lot of these cats are cute enough to turn anyone into a cat person – and if you’re already a fan of our feline friends, they may inspire you to pursue your (perhaps long forgotten) cat lady dreams.

Growing up, there was also the matter of having a favourite – and let’s be real, we still have that one Disney cat who will stick with us for life.

When asked about their favourite Disney cat, here’s what a few friends had to say (without giving away their names, of course!):

“The kitten in aristocats who tried to paint and gets covered in it”

“The cat in Cinderella looked like it would be really nice to cuddle because it was so floofy but also it was a bit mean so that cuddle might not be worth the risk”

“The one from pinocchio is great because his whole personality is just like a bratty child. He’s a good but very spoiled cat”

“The tom cat from The Aristocats was smoother than I could ever hope to be”

“I always liked the fat spoiled cat who belongs to Ratigan and eats mice”

…Turns out these kitties are just really fun to describe. Those who are doomed to struggle with this quiz might find this gem relatable:

“Were there cats in movies that weren’t from The Aristocats?!”

And then there was this:

“I hated those racist cats from Lady and the Tramp”

Oh dear.

Do you have a favourite Disney cat? Let us know in the comments, along with your score from the quiz!

So, without further ado: it’s time to name these cats!