Test Yourself: How Well Do You Remember The Movie 'Elf'?

Test Yourself: How Well Do You Remember The Movie ‘Elf’?

Test Yourself: How Well Do You Remember The Movie ‘Elf’?

Before you take the Elf quiz, we thought you may be interested in a few ‘Elf’ related facts.

1. Originally the lead role was supposed to be played by Jim Carey. As the film took over 10 years to get made, things changed.


2. Will Ferrell had lots of health problems due to all the sugar he consumed while making the film.

3. Gimbel’s is actually a digitally altered version of the Macy’s on 34th Street in New York.


4. Buddy’s 12-second burp is not done by Will Ferrell. It’s actually done by the same voice actor as Brain from Pinky and the Brain.

5. The actor who played Ralphie in A Christmas Storymakes a cameo as an elf in the film.


6. Will Ferrell turned down $29 million to do a sequel to Elf.

7. Some of the sets for Elf, like Walter’s apartment and Gimbals’ toy department, were built in an abandoned mental hospital in Vancouver, the same hospital where New Line shot Freddy Vs. Jason.

8. People were so shocked to see Will Ferrell in costume walking around Central Park and the Lincoln Tunnel that several traffic accidents were reported.

9. Will Ferrell was once a mall Santa.

10. Elf has become a hit Broadway musical.

So now you have fed yourself with some interesting Elf facts, it is time to sit back, grab a brew and get ready for the Elf quiz.

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