12 OMG Orgasm Facts To Get You Hot Under The Collar


1. Orgasms can cure migraines! 

THE BIG O! There's nothing better, eh?! Whether you find this particular letter of the alphabet to be particularly elusive (keep going gal, it's bound to blow your mind soon!) or whether you've been enjoying the supreme delights of climax to the absolute max, this list is sure to get you raring to go all over again!

So prepare to roll your eyes back, drop your mouth and moan in sheer AMAZEMENT at these orgasm facts! The perfect excuse to get down and dirty at your earliest possible convenience...

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According to one study 60% of migraine sufferers claimed that having sex during a migraine helped with their condition. However, just before you look lustfully to your partner (with your one working eye...) it's worth noting that a third of people said it made things worse...

But I guess that could depend on the quality of sex you're dealing with...

2. Orgasms ease period pain!

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A study conducted in 2000 found that 1 in 10 women masturbated during their period to reduce the pain they were suffering! 

Yes, ladies! Let pleasure triumph pain and go to town on your love muffin!

3. Orgasms can strengthen the pelvic floor 

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So you've heard of Kegel exercises, right? Turns out tensing your vag muscles (similar to other muscles!) helps make them strong! But if you're not actively bothered about having a buff baby box then boy, I have some good news for you! 

Kegel's involve tensing and releasing the pelvic floor muscles and during orgasm, pelvic floor muscles can contract up to 15 times at approx. one-second intervals!

So what are you waiting for? Go for a "work out"! 

4. And keep your immune system strong!

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Not only are orgasms going to revolutionize your vaginal muscles they're also going to keep you fighting fit for longer!

A study found that those who had sex more frequently had higher levels of immunoglobulin A (that old chestnut!) in their saliva samples! AMAZING...

... If you don't happen to be a super clever scientist like me, immunoglobulin A is important for protecting your immune system! So get it on and be sick no more! (or at least less often...)

5. More sex, less stress

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Sex therapist Dr. Madeleine Castellanos orgasms pull your attention from everyday stressors. They allow you to luxuriate in pure pleasure and subsequently the more frequently you orgasm the less likely you'll feel stressed out! 

6. Orgasms help your heart out!

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When you reach your Big O your all important cardiovascular system gets a mini workout! 

Dweck explains, "sex and orgasms can cause blood vessels to dilate throughout the body, which can help overall cardiovascular health."

7. Cure your hiccups with "happy time"

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Ever had hiccups? Then you'll know as soon as you get 'em and everyone and their dog has an opinion on how to get rid of them and none of them ever freakin' work

Fortunately, there may be a more fun method of ridding yourself of hiccups... This forty-year-old man was hiccuping for four days on the trot. The only thing that got him to shut up? Ejaculating. 

Who'd have thunk it?! 

8. Cancer combatant 

According to this study, men who ejaculate more often are less likely to suffer prostate cancer! A good reason to get hot and heavy with your fella! 

9. Happy as heck!

Is it any surprise that orgasms reportedly make you happier in general?! They're freakin' amazing! 

Why is this though? Well, when you orgasm your endorphin and oxytocin levels rocket sky high! Which makes you feel more relaxed and less caught up on the more negative aspects of your life. 

So go and get yours, girls and boys! 

10. Self lovin' life! 

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Masturbating and orgasm can help you feel a lot of positive emotions towards your very fine self! During masturbation, you appreciate your body for the wonderful work of art it is! Giving you all those freakin' fantastic feelings for free!

According to sex therapist Dr Castellanos claims, "Orgasms help a woman understand her true power and beauty that exists within her"

11. Orgasms can help you focus 

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Again, sex therapist Dr Castellanos has a lot to say about the orgasm!

She theorizes that orgasming helps you to practice 'being in the moment', so in other areas of life you're better able to focus. 

12. Practice makes perfect!

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Sex therapist Dr Dweck theorizes that frequent masturbation helps us learn what we like and when we like. Subsequently, the more you get yours? The more likely you'll get it again! 

So what are you still doing here?! Go and get sexy with yo' self and remember not to fake it! 

Which of these orgasm facts surprised you? Do you wish you'd known some sooner?! Let me know in the comments and be sure to share this with your nearest and dearest for *ahem* health reasons! AAx