The 15 Best Unintentionally Hilarious Mugshots Of 2018!

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As they say 'if you can't do the time, don't do the crime!' & Being on the wrong side of the law is more than likely going to lead you down a rocky road and ruin some of your prospects for the future.

But I reckon that the consequences of being caught red-handed by the bobbies on the beat are fairly obvious to 90% of people, but obviously, some people didn't get the memo about how serious being arrested and facing a potential jail sentence actually is.

The next 15 people are the perfect example of this...& I'm all for positive thinking, but these guys are taking it to whole new levels!

They're fresh out of f**ks and won't let the opportunity go by of getting an absolutely bomb new selfie and laughing in the face of the law!

Oh, & did I also mention that they're absolutely hilarious!? Well, see for yourself!

1. The Joker (literally!)

"a vulgar message directed at The Batman"

Source: Pinellas County

Nice. A totally sane fella then, yeah?

2. Tupac isn't dead

Earlier this year, the internet was stoked to discover that the famous, formerly deceased rapper, Tupac had been resurrected, as confirmed by this hilarious headshot. However, it's not known why he's now chosen "Jeez Fizzy" after his first name, I don't know, maybe it was just to throw fans off his scent? (Or maybe it's just some idiot taking his name and mug!?)

3. Money does buy happiness after all

Are you wondering why this guy is so happy!?

Well, it turns out that, after winning the lottery, this man thought it would be an amazing use of his new found fortune to purchase and dump $200,000 worth of manure on his ex-bosses lawn.

& Surprisingly, his boss really didn't think it was as hilarious as he did and called the police, but even after being handcuffed and arrested, this man still just didn't give any f**ks!

What a waste of a sh*tload of money, though!? (Literally!)

4. King Neck


5. This woman and her neighbour obviously didn't see eye to eye

I apologise straight away for that really bad pun, but come on, can you blame me!? (& there's more to come!)

Apparently, this eye-catching (told you!) woman was arrested for pouring hot grease onto another lady, resulting in horrific burns to her back and arms.

Cue the internet comedians! "Eye can't understand why she would do such a thing."

6. All day, every damn day

Every damn day he's criminalin'! Just try and stop him!

7. How can you be this photogenic when you're being arrested!?

How sweet, wholesome and pretty does she look though!?

Proof that you should never judge a book by its cover! #prettysavagemorelike

8. Please tell me that it was a MOOOving violation

Apparently, this guy/cow was arrested for chasing a neighbourhood kid, which kind of brings it from funny to creepy, really, doesn't it!?

9. The second coming (of crime!)

Apparently, this fella got into some serious trouble by pretending he was Jesus and attacking his neighbour (as you do), who then turned right around and stabbed him repeatedly with her keys. Ouch! Sorry, it looks painful, but that's instant karma for you, Jesus or no one escapes the karmic cycle!

10. Baby Powdered Burglar

This North Carolina man was arrested after stealing a whopping five pounds worth of baby powder! Why would you even do this!? Mind you, he looks crazy enough, so I guess anything would have been possible! I really can't imagine that logic is his forte, by the looks of him.

11. Mr Happy Mug

This man was arrested for threatening to shoot up a polling place. I don't know, maybe he just wanted everyone to vote for him, instead!? Well, I would, wouldn't you? He can't be any worse than what we have at the minute!

12. The Brains of the operation

'Pinky and the Brain' vibes, anyone!? It's unclear as to what his man was actually arrested for, but judging by the size of his head...attempted world domination, maybe?

13. It's all about getting the right angle!

I actually don't care what she did wrong, because this lady is totally killing it! She has got her angles DOWN, my friend! Work it, gurl! I'm actually jealous of how photogenic she is!

14. Did you have to wake me up, man!?

You can tell that this guy would totally rather be in bed right now. & I can relate, to be honest, there are some days when you just don't feel like doing anything, even being arrested!

15. The second-second coming...(the third!)

Today, the cops found the place, they least suspected it....on a suspects' forehead!

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