The 3:33 am alien broadcast in Animal Crossing: New Leaf

In Animal Crossing: New Leaf, if you turn on a TV at 3:33 am on a Sunday or Monday, you’ll be greeted with a black alien with red eyes who talks to you. It’s not the scariest alien, but it’s still spooky for an otherwise wholesome game. Since the television is hard to get a hold of in New Leaf, and most players aren’t playing the game at 3 am, this Easter egg is pretty hard to stumble across. You can see the same Easter egg by doing the same thing on a Saturday on Animal Crossing New Horizons.

The mirror ghost in Hitman: Contracts

If you unlock a restricted wing in one of Hitman: Contracts’ hotels, you’ll find a hotel room guarded by a policeman. Inside the room is a gruesome murder scene, and if you venture into the bathroom and look into the mirror, you’ll see a ghost. Given that Hitman isn’t a horror game, the Easter egg is especially freaky as it’s unexpected. The ghost can’t harm you only floats ominously in the mirror’s reflection, but it’s enough to creep anyone out. You’ve got to pluck up a lot of courage to look into in-game mirrors after seeing the hotel ghost!

The Blackwater Athletics Team in Red Dead Redemption 2

While wandering through Red Dead Redemption 2, you may stumble across a mass grave of bodies dressed in athletic kit. Some of the dead have sacks over their heads. If we take one of the newspaper articles within RDR2 at face value, this is the resting place of the Blackwater Athletic Team. The newspaper article mentions that the team went missing on their way to a group run. How the team met their fate is unclear.

Luigi’s hanging show in Luigi’s Mansion

Late in Luigi’s Mansion, a bolt of lightning strikes the mansion and the power goes out. As you explore the darkness, Luigi will find a room with three phones. If you answer the middle phone and wait for lightning to strike while Luigi holds it to his ear, the room will illuminate and cast a shadow which looks like Luigi has been hanged. Most believe the shadow is just Luigi standing there in the room, while a glitch makes it appear like he’s hovering. It’s still creepy, and not something you’d expect to find in a game suitable for kids!

The Children of Goldshire in World of Warcraft

This World of Warcraft Easter egg concerning demonic children is the game’s creepiest. These spooky children leave their house at 7:00am in Goldshire. They run around in a pentagram formation before returning to their house at 7:40am. If you follow the children onto the second floor of their house, you’ll be greeted by some disturbing audio. Players may hear screaming, a woman crying or even C’Thun’s voice bellowing “you will die” or “death is close.” There’s no explanation for this Easter egg – although some believe the children are named after Blizzard employees.

“Who are you running from?” in the Game Boy Camera

This Easter egg is pretty well-known amongst old Game Boy Camera users. The console’s main menu has the following options: SHOOT, ITEMS, MAGIC, CHECK and RUN. Clicking RUN would usually load a picture of Africa and the words “You are now crossing the Equator. Jambo Nintendo!” But sometimes, horrifying and doodled-on faces would pop up after you selected RUN with the question “Who are you running from?” There were a few different faces that could appear – one also stated “Don’t be so silly!” Why this was included in a video game accessory is still unclear.

The Winter Lodge in Fable II

The area of Winter Lodge in Fable II contains a cabin that looks straight out of a Christmas card. But the second you walk in the door, the cosy façade disappears. The lights go out, revealing skeletons and torture devices. The table becomes a torture rack, while a cupboard becomes an iron maiden. The world outside changes too – the woodcutting block outside the cabin now has a corpse next to it. Upstairs you’ll find a chest with a sword inside. There’s not much else to do, and there’s no way of knowing how all those skeletons met their fate.

The island from Lost in Just Cause 2

Just Cause 2 is a pretty standard action-adventure game overall. However, one particular island on the game’s map turns things supernatural. There your plane will spontaneously combust and crash onto the island. It’s clear that the game’s developers included the island as a nod to the popular show Lost. On the island, you can find the burnt out remains of the Oceanic 815 flight, as well as a giant SOS in the sand. If you make it to the island’s north, you’ll find an nigh unbeatable enemy shrouded in black smoke – an unambiguous nod to the show’s smoke monster.

The witch in Payday: The Heist

The spookiest Easter eggs are those least expected – one instance in Payday: The Heist is a perfect example of this. During the No Mercy mission, players must steal a virus sample from a hospital. The hospital is called ‘Mercy Hospital’ – a location borrowed from the game Left 4 Dead. The location isn’t all that’s been borrowed from Left 4 Dead – one of the game’s characters appears in Payday: The Heist. If you look through the right door at the right time, you’ll be greeted with a jump scare as the witch from Left 4 Dead lunges at you.

The Tumbleweed dog in Red Dead Redemption

One of the creepiest locations in Read Dead Redemption and its second game is Tumbleweed – a ghost town in Gaptooth Ridge. The freakiest thing about the place has to be the demon dog. You’ll be able to hear near-constant howling in Tumbleweed in Red Dead Redemption, but you’ll never be able to find a single dog there. However, you will be able to find a message which alludes to the ghostly howling in a church in Tumbleweed. If you find the church, you’ll see the words “The devil has got into that beast” scrawled on the pulpit.

Ra’s al Ghul’s resurrection in Batman: Arkham Asylum

Ra’s al Ghul is one of the creepiest supervillains in DC’s fictional universe due to his ability to rise from the dead. There’s even a nod to Ra’s al Ghul’s ability to come back to life in Batman: Arkham Asylum. If you investigate the Asylum’s morgue, the Riddler will give Batman a riddle to solve. To solve it, use Detective Mode to take a snapshot of Ra’s al Ghul’s corpse in a body bag. However – if you return to the morgue at any time after this, the body will be missing from its slab… Spooky stuff.

The UFO in Fallout 3

A crashed UFO in Fallout 3 is directly north of Minefield. You’ll be able to tell you’re getting closer as you’ll pick up a signal called Recon Craft Theta Beacon. Follow the noise and you’ll find this crashed alien ship. You’ll see an alien that did not survive the crash holding a gun called the Alien Blaster – one of the best weapons in the game. You’ll have to act quickly, as you’ll start to become more irradiated the longer you stick around. It’s not only, a cool Easter egg but it’s worth finding just to get your hands on the Alien Blaster.

The hidden Sonic CD message

By pressing down, down, down, left, right on the Sonic CD game’s title screen, you’ll access a secret sound test screen. Then, change the numbers on your screen to FM No. 46, PCM No. 12, and DA No. 25. Press start, you’ll be greeted with an Easter egg that’ll give you nightmares for weeks. A Japanese message (which translates as “Fun is infinite with Sega Enterprises. Signed by Majin”) will pop up over a repeated image of a deformed Sonic with an uncanny human face. The music is jarring too. ‘Majin’ was game designer Masato Nishimura’s childhood nickname.

Zombies screaming for help in Half-Life 2

Half-Life 2’s headcrab zombies are notorious for running at you while screeching garbled noises. As if this wasn’t frightening enough, there’s actually a doubly disturbing Easter egg concealed within their screams. If you play their moans in reverse, you’ll be able to hear a human voice saying things such as “oh God” and “help me.” While this doesn’t impact gameplay, this added detail seems to imply that innocent headcrab ‘hosts’ are actually still conscious and can feel every bit of pain you inflict on them. At least by killing them you’re putting them out of their misery, right?

Jolene Cranley-Evans’ ghost in Grand Theft Auto V

One spooky GTA Easter egg that is the ghost of Mount Gordo. If you traverse the Mount Gordo cliff edge between 11 pm and midnight and zoom in from a distance with a sniper scope, you’ll see a ghost that looks like the girl from The Ring. She’ll disappear if you get close, but if you look at the rocks underneath her you’ll find a message scrawled in blood: JOCK. ‘Jock’ refers to Jock Cranley, an in-game politician. The ghost, Jolene Cranley-Evans, is the spirit of his late wife, who was murdered by her husband.

James’ dead bodies in Silent Hill 2

Silent Hill is one of the scariest video game series’ but this Easter egg in the second instalment really goes above and beyond for horror. Players stumble across dead bodies while exploring which are all replicas of main character James Sutherland. This was included to hint at James’ tortured psyche. The corpse which most obviously resembles James is the one you encounter at the beginning of the game. This added detail is easily missed, but it certainly adds another level of creepiness to an incredibly disturbing game.

The elevator ghost girl in Pokémon X & Y

Lumiose Ghost Girl is one of Pokémon’s creepiest Easter eggs. If you go to the second floor of a building on North Boulevard in Lumiose City – the one with a little boy in the lobby – you’ll meet the Lumiose Ghost Girl. Upon exiting the elevator, the screen fades to black before a purple-haired girl appears behind you. She glides along the ground and says “you are not the one” before disappearing completely. She’s also in a hotel where she says to be quiet so she can hear the elevator. Her purpose is unknown.

The giant squid in Assassin’s Creed 2

In Assassin’s Creed 2, one of the hidden assassin’s tombs in Santa Maria della Visitazione has a room partially submerged in water where you’ll need to pull a lever. After this, look into the water and – after a minute you’ll see a giant squid. If you do it again, a tentacle will lurch out of the water and swipe at you. It’s hard not to get spooked out about swimming in the game after seeing what sort of creatures lurk beneath the water’s surface! You can spot another giant squid in Assassin’s Creed 4 while exploring the Antocha Wreck.

The Statue of Happiness in Grand Theft Auto IV

In Grand Theft Auto IV, you can reach Happiness Island, home to The Statue of Happiness. The statue is like a creepy Statue of Liberty with a terrifying grin. If you go to the upper platform at the bottom of the statue, you’ll find a door with a sign reading: ‘No Hidden Content This Way’. Through the door, there’s a ladder going up into the statue. At the top there’s a platform where you can see the statue’s giant, chained heart. This is likely symbolic of some comment on American society but it’s also a pretty jarring Easter egg.

Haunting Mode on the original Xbox dashboard

Xbox consoles were programmed to come out with eerie noises if you idled on the menu screen for too long. If you left it long enough, you’d begin to hear unintelligible (but distinctly creepy) voices, as the volume would get louder and louder. It’s hard to hear what these alien-like voices are saying, but some people reported hearing things like “I own your soul.” As it happens, the sounds were actually NASA transmissions distorted beyond recognition. Still – hearing freaky voices coming out of your Xbox was the stuff of nightmares.

The armless doll in Half-Life 2

In the opening chapter of Half-Life 2, not wasting any time whatsoever in sending shivers up players’ spines, there is a doll laying below a swing set in a decrepit playground. It’s missing hands and eyes, of course, to drive the message home. No harm comes from viewing or interacting with the doll, but you certainly don’t want to spend much time in its company.

The Headless Horseman in Skyrim

The Headless Horseman is a classic boogeyman from times of yore, one who has not lost his fright factor in the many decades since he first came about. In Skyrim, players can find themselves casually walking with a house through the vast world only to be surprised and somewhat accosted by the Headless Horseman. To make matters creepier, both he and the horse are almost transparent.

Slender Goat in Goat Simulator

As you might have guessed from the title, Goat Simulator simulator game that allows the player to destroy objects and cause mayhem as a rambunctious goat in a sleepy suburban setting. It’s all lighthearted fun until you come across this freaky Easter egg: Slender Goat. Despite his eerie appearance and voice, this gangly monster won’t attack you unless you bought the mobile version, in which case he will chase you around the map.

The creepy doll in Zombie Army 4

Released in 2020, Zombie Army 4 is a spin-off of the Sniper Elite franchise. Your adversaries in the game are pretty much what you might have guessed: an army of zombies. As they’re pretty easy to beat, the player is sometimes left wanting more, hence this creepy doll Easter egg that respawns every time she is killed.

The underground Tunnel in Watch Dog Legion

You’ll find Watch Dog Legion’s creepy Easter egg on the Inside Albion mission where players are tasked with walking down a dungeon hallway teeming with jumpscares. Naturally, the spooky tunnel features a statue of Queen Victoria accompanied by the sound of a crying woman. If that wasn’t unnerving enough, the statue also has a tendency to lunge toward you. Yikes!

The abandoned tower in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

If you explore Fkye Isle you will see an abandoned tall tower that used to belong to a magician believe it or not. In here, you’ll find a chair that moves independently and a female ghost who used to live in the tower with a family of wizards before they were all (presumably) killed by a throng of cheesed-off peasants. She has been guarding the tower ever since, especially from the likes of you.

The Cask of Amontillado in Fallout 4

After navigating their way around a series of booby traps in The Castle, players will find themselves in a fortress with a dead Minutemen general lying on the floor next to two empty wine bottles. On the desk is a crate of Amontillado wine and on the other side of the room is a skeleton chained up behind a hole in the wall. This is a nod to Edgar Allen Poe’s short story The Cask of Amontillado, in which a man is tricked into getting drunk enough to be sealed behind a wall to die.

The haunted room in Call of Duty: Finest Hour

Players can find the haunted room in the Underground Passage level of Call of Duty: Finest Hour by throwing two grenades at a locked door. Once the door is open, you’ll find a dingy room with no ceiling and candles that float in the air. There’s also a small toy car zipping around, likely the possession of the child in the cradle at the centre of the room. There’s no rhyme or reason to this room and that’s why it works so well.

The It balloon in Far Cry 5

Stay away from the sewer systems in Far Cry 5 if you have a phobia of Pennywise. While rambling around the city, you may well stumble across a reference to the iconic horror property It, in the form of a single red balloon left at the entrance to a sewer drain. The sole red balloon is usually a sign that the nightmarish clown is not too far away, so be wary.

P.T. transmissions in Metal Gear Solid 5

During Mission 20 of Metal Gear Solid 5, players can come across a chilling radio news broadcast in which the newscaster describes how a man brutally murdered his entire family. Horror fans will recognise that this is the same broadcast heard in P.T., the teaser game for Silent Hills. It’s up to you whether this is just an interesting reference or hinting at something more to come…

The secret song in Cuphead

When Cuphead was released in 2017, hackers wasted no time in digging around the code. In and among it, they found an audio file titled “MUSDontDealWithTheDevilVocal666”, which is a super-creepy spin on the main title song. It mentions all the regular stuff, including cutting off heads, only this time it’s delivered in a demonic voice full of distortion and slow-mo.

The parasites in Dark Souls

You’re usually way too busy fighting to notice any of the Easter eggs in Dark Souls. However, if you take a second where possible, you’ll notice big worm nests hanging around that you can open. In a gruesome twist, opening them will lead to you growing larvae eggs in your body, which will eventually culminate in a gross head explosion a couple of levels later. Ouch!

The mannequins in Call of Duty: Black Ops III

Mannequins are freaky, especially in video games. Chances are this inanimate human model is at some point going to become a human, and not a good one. They’ll become a human with an acute taste for murder. In Call of Duty: Black Ops III, if you shoot all the heads of the mannequins within two minutes, they will come to life i-Robot style and bolt for you.

Doctor Uckmann in The Last Of Us

The developers of The Last Of Us, Naughty Dog, thought it would be funny to insert a real person into their expansive world. A character card telling to story of Doctor Uckmann describes a “misunderstood” scientist who performed “questionable experiments in the realm of pushing human limits.” It’s a bit of a weird joke based on Neil Druckmann , the creative director at Naughty Dog, overworking his employees.

The villain’s backstory in No More Heroes

This hack and slash from 2007 was met with critical acclaim despite some accusing the game of relying too heavily on repetition. The challenging but rewarding ending might have had something to do with the praise. No More Heroes concludes with the villain Jeane’s monologue which, if manually recorded, slowed down and played back, lets players know the dark way she developed her deadly skillset.

The secret room of the dead in Skyrim

Killing people on a whim is second nature when you’re in the throes of Skyrim. Have you ever wondered what happens with the mess, though? Those bodies don’t just vanish into thin digital air. They get sent to a secret room. If you know the right commands, it can be located, but enter with caution. It is a room of the dead, after all.

Robbie the Rabbit in Silent Hill: The Room

Robbie the Rabbit pops up here and there throughout the majority of the Silent Hill games, but his appearance in Silent Hill: The Room is probably the most creepy. Robbie the Rabbit isn’t his normal self in this game, instead showing up as a spaced-out, bloodied doll sitting on a bed, apparently lifeless. Then, just when you’re sure he’s entirely non-animated, he points at you.

Your name is whispered in Black & White 2

Have you ever wanted to be God? Probably. Well, there exists a game that allows anyone to indulge in their desire for omnipotence. Black & White 2 allows players to act as a deity, choosing whether to be good or bad. However, that’s not really why this game became famous. Apparently, there’s an Easter egg that makes the game randomly whisper your name to you while you play, spooky!

The secret scrolls in Splatoon

Splatoon immediately cleaned up when it was released on the Wii U. Allowing users to play against each other in an all-out paint war? What’s not to love about that? Well, it turns out the lore is somewhat less idyllic. Finding the secret scrolls in single-player mode reveals the in-universe demise of humanity, and shows you how the world of Splatoon came to be. Like The Matrix but with animated paint.

The Gyroid face in Animal Crossing

Players couldn’t quite believe the Gyroid face when they first stumbled upon it in Animal Crossing. They thought it was just a glitch or a bug, rather than the intentional Easter egg it actually is. If you leave town and reset the Gamecube (remember those?) while visiting another town, your character will end up looking like a Gyroid, the beloved animated creatures that you can plant around your home!

The fancy turkey in Assassin’s Creed 3

If you decide to spend some time at the homestead in Assassin’s Creed 3, then it’s worth trying to find one of the space’s turkeys. If you feed the turkey and then input the Konami Code on your PC, you’re in for a surprise. The turkey will reload to have an interesting outfit on, having donned the hood and cloak of an assassin.

The plane crash remains from BioShock in BioShock 2

In the first BioShock game, the plot kicks off after you survive a plane crash into the ocean, leaving you in an underwater dystopia. BioShock 2 remembers this well as you can find some deteriorating plane ruins on an underwater mountainside in the game. Upon further inspection, you’ll find it is the same plane that crashed with you in it in the first game.

The CD theme song on Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

This is an Easter egg that is exclusive to the disc version of the Castlevania: Symphony of the Night game. If you are one of the few people still in possession of the disc version, have you ever tried putting it in a CD player instead of its intended place? If you do so and skip to track two, you will hear a rendition of the main theme song, making it a multi purpose disc!

Jesus restoration in Hitman 2

Inside the church in the Sapienza level of Hitman 2, the walls have several paintings on them. They’re not exactly relevant to the plot itself, so if you haven’t taken a closer look, fair enough. However, if you do, you will see that the famous “potato Jesus” painting is hung on the wall. This botched restoration of a painting of Jesus was front-page news across the world, and now it’s forever immortalised in Hitman 2 as well!

Disco in Crysis 2

The Crysis games are fairly intense shooter games so, if all the killing gets a bit much for you after a while, that’s completely understandable. Maybe that is why the developers opted to include this Easter egg. In the Dead Man Walking level, if you take the elevator and go down the hall, there are two red ropes and two switches nearby. Cross both red ropes, flip the switches and you can open the elevator doors to find a party with disco lights inside! What a respite!

Nicole in Dead Space

The name Nicole pops up throughout Dead Space and, if you’re a newer player, you might wonder how she’s relevant or what her deal actually is. However, if you look a little closer at the name of each game level, you’ll notice Easter eggs designed to help you figure it out. The first letter of each level spells out “NICOLE IS DEAD”. Now you know exactly what happened to her! No more mystery.

Secret cow level in Diablo 2

The presence of cows in the first Diablo game sparked a rumour amongst super-fans. They claimed that if you clicked a cow enough times it would unlock a secret level where you would fight those same innocuous bovines. The developers took this rumour and made it happen in Diablo 2. Now, at long last, you can actually unlock a level of battling armoured cow creatures!

Secret unicorn level in Diablo 3

The silly hidden levels in Diablo did not stop in the second game. The developers must have a real sense of humour considering they added another secret Easter egg level into Diablo 3. This time, if you speak to the Cow King’s ghost, you get to Whimsyshire, an idyllic rural retreat with sparkling lakes and rainbows. In Whimsyshire you get to battle giant unicorn ponies who are fearsome warriors. What could be better?

A bloody love note in Halo: Combat Evolved

A lead designer on the development team for Halo: Combat Evolved wanted to leave a little sign of his love for his girlfriend in the game. It is innocuous and incredibly well-hidden but, if you manage not to die in the Marine’s base, you can look up at the ceiling to find a large patch of blood that is vaguely shaped like a heart. Extra adorable is the fact that the many bullet holes make up the initial of the developer’s beloved. If that’s what you consider romantic, how cute!

Mind reading Psycho Mantis in Metal Gear Solid

Though this may or may not be considered an Easter egg, the developers did add a pretty creepy bit of software into Metal Gear Solid that kicks into action when you talk to Psycho Mantis. During his piece, the game scans your memory card so he can mention other Konami games you have saved. His conversing with you about other games you’ve enjoyed makes it seems like he really can read your mind! How spooky is that?

The Easter bunny in Saints Row 2

What could be more fitting as an Easter egg than the actual Easter bunny? If you move between three of the islands in Saints Row 2 in the correct order, then you will be rewarded with this strange image. A giant purple Easter bunny will rise out of the ocean like a Kaiju, peering down at you with blank eyes. It’s both a little creepy and a little whimsical, making it the perfect Easter egg.

The dog game master in Silent Hill 2

Silent Hill 2 is still one of the scariest games out there, but this Easter egg makes playing significantly less terrifying. After playing through the game once, pick up the key at the park and then head to the Observation Room in Dark Side Hotel. There, you’ll discover the unthinkable: a Shiba Inu orchestrating all of the game’s events. This jokey alternative ending is hilariously, and pretty difficult to find unless you already know about it.

Snarky commentary in Wave Race: Blue Storm

The premise of Wave Race: Blue Storm is fairly simple: you race a Jet Ski while a commentator narrates your every move. If you want a chance to laugh at yourself, there is actually an Easter egg that will replace the commentator with a snarkier and cruder narrator. Enter the little code that switches out the announcer and you’re sure to get your feelings hurt or your ego bruised.

Frozen alien in GTA V

GTA isn’t all car chases and crime in a realistic city setting. This Easter egg will make you question where in the universe you are and what else has gone on in the GTA world. If you manage to find the frozen-over water in GTA V, make sure you take a look under your feet. You will find an alien with terrifying jaws under the water, frozen in place. Not something you’d automatically expect to see in a GTA game but that’s what Easter eggs are for.

John Romero in Doom 2

The second Doom game ends in a battle with a final boss who just so happens to be a giant head. If you hit the head with a rocket launcher and then enter the “noclip” cheat code, you will activate this Easter egg, and a hole will open up leading to a room with yet another giant head in it. This is the head of Doom’s creator, John Romero. The head speaks backwards, telling you “to win the game you must kill me, John Romero.” It’s true: beat John Romero’s head and you beat the whole game.

The monkey people in Halo 3

When in the Sierra 117 level of Halo 3, you will be able to discover these horrifying creatures. Whether they are cavemen or apes is unclear, as they have human faces but the bodies of monkeys or apes. If you explore enough, you will come across a whole family of these creatures, crowded together in a cluster. Though there are other monkey people in the Halo games, this is the closest you can get to any of them.

Everyone in Assassin’s Creed

There’s a secret to Assassin’s Creed that not everyone knows. Every named character is actually pretty special in that they are all actual people who really existed. The ones you have to kill are also killed based on the real location and date of their deaths in history. The developers really thought this one through! That said, none of them died from being murdered by a hooded multi-talented assassin, so it’s only slightly realistic.

Foam finger weapon in Dead Space 2

If you succeed in beating Dead Space 2 while playing it in Hardcore mode, props to you! In addition to bragging rights amongst your friends, the developers will also reward you with a special item: a foam finger. This is not an ordinary foam finger though. It is actually a powerful weapon that will blast your enemies to pieces all while making little “pew pew” sound effects. What could be more fitting?

The shorts references in Pokémon X and Y

The original Pokemon games, Red and Blue, had its youngster characters proclaim “I like shorts! They’re comfy and easy to wear!” This was so sweet and ridiculous that it caused a lot of jokes among Pokemon fans for years to come. The X and Y games included a callback to this dialogue that only the old-school fans would recognise, by making the new youngsters also comment on their shorts after being beaten in battle.

Ciri referencing Cyberpunk 2077 in Witcher 3

Witcher 3 came out before Cyberpunk 2077, but that did not prevent the former from referencing the latter. In Witcher 3, Ciri makes allusions to the plot of Cyberpunk 2077 in a pretty obvious way. She specifically talks about people who “had metal in their heads, waged war from a distance, using things similar to megascopes. And there were no horses, everyone had their own flying ship instead.” In response, Cyberpunk 2077 included a picture of Ciri on a magazine cover. It all comes together!