The Best Memes That Capture Fashions Most Shameful Moments

The Best Memes That Capture Fashions Most Shameful Moments

The Best Memes That Capture Fashions Most Shameful Moments

    If there’s one thing I’ve come to accept it’s that I will never look like the girls in the magazines or on the runway. And you know what? I’m REALLY pleased that that’s the case sometimes!

    As we all know, fashion isn’t always about the most beautiful clothes or even the most beautiful people, it’s often about the weirdest. Don’t believe me? Well, I’ve got the best way to prove you wrong, the glorious medium of the meme!


    1. Bed Head

    It’s so painfully relatable.

    Kudos to this gal, she looks SUPER comfy in all that quilted material! And if I could squeeze that onto the train every morning I would definitely be wearing it all day, every day!


    2. One Size Fits All

    It’s great that this could fit anyone! The only downside is it won’t look good on anyone!


    3. Prom King

    Personally, I love this look! I think this guy looks seriously handsome and super dapper!

    But hey, the internet has spoken through meme form, and who am I to argue??


    4. Shoulder Pads

    I have a “hunch” this wasn’t the highlight of this models career…


    5. C’est Chic

    You are the definition of elegance and grace, darling! *dramatically throws scarf around neck*


    6. The Clintons

    I don’t think a single one of us was prepared for this cutting observation.



    7. Mama Knows Best

    It will make your Grannies day so you best wear it!

    … just try not to be seen in public…


    8. Give This The Boot

    This makes me feel VERY uncomfortable. Just why make these boots in the first place? There is NOTHING inside a shoe that really desperately needs to be seen to complete a look!


    9. It’s All About Layers

    The chair in my room is so crowded with clothes it genuinely wouldn’t surprise me if it became a sentient being.


    10. Distressed Denim

    I’ll give you a clue sweetheart, don’t poke it out from under your distressed denim jacket! It is NOT  a look.


    11. Vintage! SO adorable!

    Who needs designers when you’ve got a granny?!

    Just wear what they wore fifty years ago, put on some trainers and you’re good to go.


    12. Hot To Croc

    I think the least worrying addition to this get-up is the ankle-tag. Anything is excusable when compared to Crocs.


    13. Get With The Programme

    This pooch knows how to werk it!


    14. Sweet Charity

    It’s Charity Shop Chic darling, don’t let it get ya down!


    15. The Plight Of The Male Model

    An absolute nightmare for this young chap. How’s he supposed to eat his dinner with that thing in his mouth, hm?


    16. Baggy Pants/Droopy Drawers

    Babies are cute. But not ‘Steal Their Style’ cute!

    It just goes to show! Fashion often tries to be serious, but really? Most of the people taking it this seriously end up looking pretty freakin’ hilarious!


    Can you related to any of the fashion faux-pas?! Or are there any you think don’t belong on this list?! Let me know in the comments and remember to tag your fashionista friends! Stay sassy xox