The First Animal That You Spot In This Picture Will Reveal Your Most Dominant Personality Traits!

The First Animal That You Spot In This Picture Will Reveal Your Most Dominant Personality Traits!

The First Animal That You Spot In This Picture Will Reveal Your Most Dominant Personality Traits!

Tell me something….what animal do you see first in this picture? Try not to look too hard and just go with what comes out in the very first instance!

Because believe it or not, this amazing picture from Meaww can actually tell you a lot about yourself by just quickly analyzing the animal that you saw first! (No, honestly!)
& Now that you’ve seen the photo… which animal did YOU see first!? The Horse? The Rooster?
Well, whichever one grabbed you first, all you need to do is search through the animals in the list below to find out your most dominant personality trait! & You never know, you may find out something about yourself that you didn’t even know….until now!

& Be sure to let us know in the comments which one you spotted first and whether or not it was accurate for you! We’d love to know!


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1. If you saw the Horse first…

If this beautiful horse was the first thing you saw, then you are definitely one of the ambitious kind.
You’re wild, free and raw & you are driven to succeed and to be free no matter what you have to do to achieve it!
You never shy away from a hard, honest day’s work and you are certainly not one to stay away from a fight. You are completely in touch with your inner-self which is always ready to stand out and be counted. Your personality is the same, exemplary, honest and driven.

2. If you saw the Rooster first

If the Rooster was the first image you saw, the main characteristic of your personality is perseverance. The Rooster is not shy or meek by any standards, he is quick, smart, persistent and despite the small, feathery body, he is certainly known to be a fierce creature! & You, like him, may look harmless on the surface, but when it matters, there are few who can fight back quite like you can!

3. If you saw the Crab first

Hard on the outside, soft on the inside, that is what you share with the crab, if he was the first creature that grabbed your attention. Crabs are also known to be extremely loyal, so, it goes without saying, that if you really look within yourself, you will find that you have always been loyal (whether you think you are or not!) & You have always placed the needs of those that you love and care about ahead of your own and never in your wildest dreams have you ever considered cheating on or betraying those who trust you!

4. If you saw the Praying Mantis first

The Praying Mantis is the master of the senses and patience. He can keep still for hours on end, just waiting patiently for his prey and he acts quickly and without warning to get what he wants… & if he was the first creature that you saw, then you definitely have really strong instincts.
Your inner voice and intuition always guides you and you are clearly in touch with your primal self.
You go by your gut instinct always and more often than not, you always get what you want. You are the master of your own world and just like the mantis, there’s a fighting spirit that is driving you from within.

5. If you saw the Wolf first

The wolf, who is the lone warrior who walks in a pack! Yes, the wolf is known to live in a pack but they are also lonely creatures, wandering the wild alone, fearless and fierce. If it was the fearless and beautiful Wolf that caught your eye first, then the chances are that your inner self is as fierce and fearless as that of the wolf’s. You may walk in a crowd, but your unique personality will always stand out! To be like the fierce Wolf can be both an exhilarating experience, as well as a lonely affair…but don’t worry, because you are more than capable and you’ve been built to handle it all.

6. If you saw the Dog first

Completely loyal, brave, protective and truly selfless, everyone knows that these are the traits associated with man’s best friend, but there are truly very few people, who actually inhibit these traits.
If this gorgeous Doggo was the first thing that you saw, you can be rest assured that you are one of the very few people who inhibit all of those wonderful, loyal and beautiful traits that Dog’s possess.
You can be loyal but fierce, selfless and loving, protective and playful at the same time. You are a blend of most rare and incredible traits in the world, so it’s no surprise that you are loved by everyone who is lucky enough to have the opportunity to know you!

7. If you saw the Butterfly first

The stunning Butterfly is the most well-known symbol of beauty and change. It transforms from a cocoon to one of the most elegant creatures of nature’s creation.
If the beautiful butterfly was the first thing that grabbed you, then you most probably reflect the same traits. Meaning that you are adaptable, flexible and you can change yourself based on your needs and you can do whatever needs to be done to move forward in your life.
You may also find yourself in the ugly phase of life (in your cocoon) a few times, but don’t worry, you have the personality to break out and be the beautiful person that you were always meant to be! Go for it!

8. If you saw the Eagle first

As we all know, the Eagle is wild, free, built for the skies and he is also one of the ultimate predators of nature.
If you spotted the magnificent eagle first, it shows that you too are focused and completely driven towards getting what you want. You never waiver in your decisions and once you have got a goal in your head and your mind is mind up on what you want the most out of any situation and out of life itself, you will swoop down to grab it and fly away with it, high into the skies, beyond anyone else’s reach. It is a strong trait to have, but it doesn’t always allow for the best relationships to be formed and you may come across as selfish…but in your mind, you’re just doing what needs to be done!

9. If you saw the Dove first

This is a sign that you are a lover, not a fighter. The beautiful dove is the ultimate sign of peace and harmony and that describes your personality perfectly. You hate confrontation of any kind and you often encourage an environment of peace and love. You are level-headed and calm at all times & all the while you are proposing peaceful solutions to every problem.

Original content and all images are sourced from and credited to Meaww & Do You Remember?