Pregnant Woman Struggles With Decision To Terminate Two Of Her Quadruplets Because Of Their Gender


If you're a childless woman of a certain age, whether you're single or not, chances are the question you get asked most is "SO... when are you gonna be having kids?" or you'll hear "Oooo better start up on that baby train, you only have so many fertile years you know!!". Now, getting pregnant and having babies is great if that's what you want to do... but sometimes, as much as a "blessing" as it is, it's not always smooth sailing...

one healthy baby... but four



"At the time, my husband and I are just in shock, but happy we have healthy babies," she wrote. "Now, I'm a small woman, 5'0 and very petite. At my next scan, it was suggested I consider aborting two of the pregnancies for the sake of my body, and to be h


abort two of her babies... but also if it's wrong



really hit the fan when she told her mother and sister about their idea, and "they kicked off, calling us selfish, entitled, saying we are searching for designer babies, etc."


Obviously, the parents don't relish the decision, but the mom wrote that is she did have to abort two of her children, they would most likely factor their gender decision into it.


But is she wrong for having a preference?

"Choose what is safest for you, and if it happens to be one girl and one boy or two boys, do it. Don’t put yourself in danger over baby gender preference."

And most people were united in agreement that this situation was incredibly tough - no matter how things may turn out for the couple - so there's no "right" answer... I mean, how can there freakin' be really!?

imagine how it must be to be in their situation, and I hope I never, ever, ever

What about you folks? What do you think of this double-edged sword of a situation? Because I honestly have no idea at all. How do you even decide something like this? Do you think they'd be best to keep the twin girls? Or keep one of each gender? Or do you think that it is absolutely none of our business and they should just keep it to themselves? Let me know in the comments and please remember to respect each other's opinions! Also, don't forget to share this with your friends and family so they can join in on the debate too! AAx