The Only Reason Human's Started Kissing Is So They Could Share Chewed Up Food Says Science

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Kissing is great, right? Who doesn't like a good kiss - in all of its glorious forms? Well, if like me you're a big kissing fan... then I am truly, truly sorry for what I am about to tell you.


Actually, why I am apologizing? If there's someone you want to blame for potentially ruining your love life, then blame freakin' science! Or, even more specifically, blame a philematologist, aka a scientist who studies philematology, or to dumb it down even more so, a scientist who studies what we silly, common folk refer to as "kissing". And yes, scientists who study kissing truly are a real thing that exists.

In 2007, a group of social scientists surveyed over 1,000 college students about their kissing preferences. They found that men liked sloppy kisses more than women and hypothesized that males, who are generally “less sensitive to chemosensory cues,

I mean, yes, there are other possible reasons for kissing, too. There's a chance we may do it in order to pass each other something called "sex chemicals.", according to PopSci:

"intense kissing"

The premise seems lighthearted, but that lingering taste of dude DNA has some serious implications. The team concluded it could be used to document sexual harassment, rape, or infidelity. Perhaps one day, your kiss could be used against you in court.

After couples swapped spit, they found that male DNA still persisted in their partners’ mouths for as long as an hour after they kissed. PopSci points out that while this might sound romantic for you and your partner, it has some rather surprising potential consequences:

Multiple researchers have tackled what’s called “the kissing problem”—a thought experiment about the most efficient way to kiss everyone in a room goodbye. Think of it as a hypothetical way to figure out how quickly a crowded par

And of course, because mathematicians and computer scientists are stereotypically some of the most socially awkward people on the entire planet, they worked out how to kiss far more efficiently:

Earlier this year, a group of researchers looked at the lives of American college students who have never been kissed—and discovered that they “were more neurotic, had mothers who were less facilitating of independence, and had lower self-est

all bad. Those who have never been kissed before actually performed better in academics and were honestly just

Well has this completely grossed you out? Will you be keeping off the kissing for a little while? Let me know your thought in the comments! And don't forget to share this with your friends and family so they can be equally grossed out too! x


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