The Six-Inch Worm That Lived For Two Weeks In Woman's Lip Finally Removed


Did that title scar you for life? Of course it did. Buckle up, it's going to get worse.

Congrats for being brave enough to look though. Maybe it's deeply disturbing but we know the story has a happy ending! Nothing better than knowing that the six-inch worm was removed and the princess lived happily ever!

living in the woman's eyelid.

So, the likely-to-never-be-named victim of this horrible worm is a Russian woman. It seems likely that this poor woman contracted the parastic round-worm when she was bitten by a mosquito.


But that wasn't the end of the worm's adventuring! OH NO.

The worm, having completed his cheekbone residency then moved to the woman's lip... I guess with all the lip-filler trends currently whizzing around on social media the woman probably looked kind of on trend for a little while... Finally. The worm gave a little something back to its victim.

Another upside of the worm moving to the ladies lips was, MERCIFULLY, doctors were finally able to extract the little beastie from the woman's face.

Truly, I've never felt so freakin' relieved! It's bad enough having creepy crawlies in the same room as you! Never mind roaming about inside of your face!

I'm of the opinion (and I believe it's a fairly popular one) that the only thing that should be permitted to grow inside of a human is a baby. ANYTHING ELSE IS NOT OKAY AND WE SHOULD ALL INVEST ALL OUR CASH INTO WHATEVER MEANS IS REQUIRED TO REMOVE IT.

Nobody would want to see this monstrosity 

 (Image Credit: Cafe Mom)

This is why we should never leave our homes and never trust anything. We can only image the stomachs of pure steel the doctors who go this nasty bug out of the woman's face have. I know certainly couldn't freakin' do it!

You've got to wonder if any horror writers are going to take inspiration from this terrible event? Or maybe it's just too scary...

Thankfully doctors are able to solve these kinds of issues, there's no telling what further havoc the worm could have caused! We're glad she was able to have the creepy crawly removed and make a full recovery... though I imagine she won't be applying lipstick to her newly healed lip anytime soon...

You feeling okay? I'm sorry I had to put you through that...

So, folks, had any similarly disgusting experiences to share with me?! I hope not! But if you do fancy letting me know about your thoughts on this story then be sure to comment on this post! Share the gross new with your friends and family who really need to be creeped out! AAx