Sneak A Peek At How The Royals Celebrated The Queen's Birthday Parade 


Unlike you and I, Queen Elizabeth II is fortunate enough to celebrate her birthday twice a year! Aside from her actual birthday on the 21st of April, her majesty "officially" celebrates her birthday on (what is usually) the second Saturday of June! That's a long freakin' time to wait for your presents! 

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Happy (official) Birthday your majesty! 

93-years-old and still wearing the crown with class and grace! 

1. Prince William

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Prince William cut a fine figure in his military regalia to honor his grandmother's birthday celebrations. 

The official Kensington Royal Instagram page explained; 

"Over 1400 parading soldiers, 200 horses and 400 musicians come together each June in a great display of military precision, horsemanship and fanfare to mark The Queen's official birthday." 

2. Horse and carriage for the lady of the hour

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The Queen certainly knows how to arrive in style! She sure does look comfy in that carriage! 

...But I know I'd want somebody else sat with me to frost up the glass and draw rude words! 

3. Ladies In Waiting

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What a beautiful trio! All sporting gorgeous outfits to honor their mother/grandmother-in-law! 

I'm sure the Queen was particularly proud of Meghan Markle, who made her first public appearance since Archie's arrival for the birthday parade! 

4. A Princess in Pink 

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Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie also attended the Queen's birthday parade, wearing an adorable dusky-pink dress. It's not every day a real-life princess arrives at your birthday party! 

... You have to wonder if that carriage turns back to a pumpkin though! 

5. The Duke and Duchess 

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As was previously mentioned, this is Meghan's first public appearance since she gave birth and she looks absolutely radiant! 

Whilst we're sure Meghan is busy fawning over her little bundle of joy it was so good of the newly-made parents to attend the monarch's birthday celebration! 

6. Princess Anne on Horseback 

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Here is the Queen's lovely daughter, Princess Anne, riding in her finery to celebrate her mother's birthday. 

She looks so freakin' cool! Nice to see a lady not forced into a frock! Ride on, Anne! 

7. Honoring The Past 

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The official Instagram account for the royal family shared this beautiful image of the Queen when she took part in the birthday celebrations of her father. Here we see Queen Elizabeth "Trooping the Colour" the military procession used to honor a monarch's birthday. 

They explained;

"The Queen, then Princess Elizabeth, who was then Colonel of the Grenadier Guards, departed Buckingham Palace to take part in her first Trooping the Colour for her father’s, King George VI, Birthday Parade."

8. Camilla and Kate Match Pastels 

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I love how Camilla and Kate have co-ordinated their party outfits! Camilla in a beautiful, muted green and Kate in a pale yellow. 

Both look elegant as ever and warmly greeted the public who came to celebrate alongside the royal family. 

9. Putting On A Show 

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It's a tradition for the Queen's birthday to be celebrated by an air show from the famous Red Arrows.

The sky was streaked with the colors of the British flag; red, white and blue. 


10. A Family Gathering

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The Royal Family all gathered on the balcony of Buckingham Palace to wave to the public who had gathered to celebrate and to catch the best view in the house (palace!) of that amazing air show!  

11. The Grandchildren Greet Crowds

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The royal grandchildren look ADORABLE here! They're already fulfilling their duties of waving to well-wishers from the balcony. 

Baby Louis, in particular, seems to be in the swing of things! I'm sure his grandma was proud as punch! 

12. An Adoring Public 

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The British public also helped the Royals to celebrate, turning up in vast numbers to cheer for their monarch. 

It's not a party without them!  

13. Prince Charles On Hand 

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Prince Charles joined Prince William in Trooping the Colour, he too looks absolutely smashing in his military regalia! 

The Queen is certainly beaming with pride for her son, her public and her country in this photo! 

14. A Small Army of Admirers! 

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The Irish and Welsh Guards were Trooping the Colour for her majesty and looked absolutely amazing! 

You'd find it hard not to feel like a Queen with this many people showing up in support for you! 

15. Looking Back

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On this supremely patriotic day The Royal Collection Trust shared this image with the public, with the description; 

"This photo of The Queen taking the salute during the Trooping the Colour ceremony at Horse Guards Parade was taken in 1965. Her Majesty is wearing the uniform of the Welsh Guards."

It looks like it was quite the party! 

How do you celebrate your birthday? Are there any party ideas you're keen to pinch from her majesty? Let me know in the comments and be sure to share with all your royal loving friends and family! AAx