We Were NOT Ready For How CUTE & Cuddly Cows Look After A Blow Dry!


Cows - we don't often think about them really, do we? Well, unless you're Old McDonald or a milkman, that is. I know I don't anyway. And I know I talk about dogs a lot on this page (okay okay, maybe an unhealthy amount, sue me), but cows? When I think about it, cows are pretty damn cute too. And do you know what else I like about cows? Apparently, they visit their local salon more than I do!

Yep, that's right folks. Lots of cows really do get the full-on spa experience before then being shown off at local livestock shows and state fairs. I AM NOT MAKING THIS UP! I didn't even know that cow shows were a thing! But apparently, in the livestock industry, they are a major event, and I am now absolutely obsessed with them.

Alright so technically they're "steer shows" coz a majority of the cows shown are male however, "fluffy bulls" isn't as adorable as "fluffy cows", is it? So I guess these are blow-dried cows, even though they're, y'know, male.

1. Where the social media hashtag #fluffycow got started. 

In order to get high scores from judges, competitors from the 4-H Club and Future Farmers of America make sure their bovine looks their best before they lead them around the ring. Competitors shampoo, rinse, and blow dry their steers and cows (if it's a dairy show), and the result is pretty FREAKIN' spectacular. Don't take my word for it though... 

Take a look at these adorable poof balls yourself!

Did you ever see a cow you just wanted to walk right up to and bury your face in for like 30 minutes to an hour? Because I didn't until I saw this absolute fluffy BEAUTY. Oh my loooooord.

2. A Lautner Farm Fluff-Ball

Lautner Farm

You know those big fluffy pillows you see in the store you send 20 minutes ruffling with your filthy hands hoping no one will see you? This is where those pillows come from. 

3. Sometimes they're called the Fluffy Milk Horse.


That's it. I'm am never, ever referring to cows as anything other than fluffy milk horses ever, ever again.

4. This is a special breed. 


5. Young members of the 4-H club cheer on their teammate. 

Not to mention there's a whole community based around the cow show events, and the crowds they bring in are actually pretty incredible. 

6. This dairy cow has a beauty routine that can't be disrupted. 

It's a sad sad day when you realize a cow has a better beauty regime than you do. I wish I had a team of people who are willing to wash me on a regular basis.

7. Did this guy go through the car wash?

This cow looks like the evil twin brother of the majestic sandy cow we saw previously. And I am LIVING for it. 

8. This look took a long time to create. 

Did you ever see a cuter cow butt!? Admittedly, I've not seen a lot of cow butts in my lifetime (apart from the times I catch myself in the mirror hey-ooooo) but if I had, I bet this one would be one of the cutest.

9. This one took special clippers. 

That is one big beautiful boy right there, I love how he looks like he's had the super special "fluff" treatment done to his booty! I wish someone would fluff me up like that!

10. This one needed special oils and took a long time blow drying.

Now I really, really need to know exactly what special oils a cow needs for a cow show. Whatever this little beauty uses, it's 100% working for him! 10/10 would recommend as a pet. 

11. Look at this fluffable softness! 

I loooove the dappled patterns on this guys coat! He looks like he was being printed off and the printer started running out of ink. 

12. In all his fluffy-coated glory. 

And last but not least, this glorious, chocolate hunk standing tall and proud, waiting to show off his fluffiness to the whole world! Outstanding.  

I don't know about you folks, but from now on I'm definitely gonna be keeping an eye out to see if any "Cow Shows" crop up in my neighborhood... I can't think of a better way to spend my day than getting drunk and petting a bunch of fluffy milk horses. Sign me up! 

But I want to hear from YOU! Have you ever been to a cow show before? If you have any photographs then that's even better! Of course, as always, don't forget to share this with your friends and family in order to share the fluffiness far and wide! AAx