These 12 Life Hacks Will Honestly Change Your Life

These 12 Life Hacks Will Honestly Change Your Life

Okay folks, here’s the deal – I know that whenever you see these “Life Hacks and Tips” floating around the place, they’re usually giving you fun little ideas about you can make your life just that teeny bit easier using every goofy concept possible.

Well this time, I’m about to give you a whole bowl of seriousness and actual, sound, solid advice. Because I love you all so much, I have sourced some genuinely practical hints, tips, and the best advice that really can make your busy life a little easier… after all, who doesn’t need that from time to time!?

Some of them are just good old common sense; other life tips are valuable insider knowledge; and a few of them are just so damn staring you in the face, that you take them for granted and forget to take advantage! All of these lifetime hacks, however, are wise, smart and extremely useful… so what are you waiting for?

1. Living Gifts


Okay, folks, I’m going to start off with a pretty important one here; NEVER give an animal to someone as a gift, especially if they do not ask for one, an no matter how cute an idea you think it may be.

Thrusting an animal on someone forces them to take care of another life but not everyone can afford to give it the life it deserves. Try a gift card instead.

2. Learning A New Language

SonofaTimeLordPeppa Pig

If you’re trying to learn a new language (and if you aren’t I recommend that you do) try watching children’s shows dubbed in that language. Yes, I know they can be pretty irritating, but children’s shows tend to go over things like shapes, colors, animals, etc. can help you learn basic words and sentences. You’re welcome!

3. Who Sold My Details?

mc1nc4Marco Gomes

Okay so this one is amazing and I can’t believe I haven’t been doing it all this time. When you sign up for anything online, put the websites name as your middle name. That way when you receive spam/advert emails, you will know who sold your info – meaning you’ll know whose knee caps you have to break next!

4. “Freebies”

doubleflusherThe Pentecostals of OC

Looks folks, it’s a hard world out there and we’re all trying our best to get by. If you have a friend or family member that provides a professional service (legal, medical, accounting, design etc), always offer to pay for their service. Don’t assume that they will help you for free… they have bills too, y’know!

5. Check On Your Loved Ones


This one is probably the most important so far. Everybody needs help sometimes, no matter who you are or what you do, and a lot of the time the people who care most about others are the ones who need others to care about them the most too.

6. Praise and Discipline


As a manager, give praise in public and give discipline in private. I know I know, what a wild concept.

“In an old job in “Corporate America” I had a manager who would always share with employees encouragement and kind words of praise within earshot of other employees, and would offer words of critisicm and suggestions for improvement in private (in his office or a conference room). This set up an environment of positive reinforcement and gave employees respect and honesty they needed to perform at a higher level.”

7. No Means No


When someone says no to a piece of cake, do NOT try to convince them by saying “it’s just one piece”. It is NOT just one piece. It’s basically mentally lost battle that will affect the coming battles, possibly resulting in a lost war against an unhealthy lifestyle for a person actively trying to improve. Believe me, this is coming from someone who has perfected the art of justifying bad habits… I have no self-control and I LOVE cake. a very bad combination.

8. Stop Being So Loyal


Okay, I’m 100% gonna need this one to be said louder for the people in the back.

“After college, once you get the first job, start looking for a better job after a year or two. Don’t stay out of loyalty. Because trust me, no company is loyal to their employees. Be respectful and professional, but loyalty in a company is rarely noticed and appreciated… My mistake was thinking that being loyal to this company was gonna in return make the company loyal to me, the company only wants lower costs, loyalty has no place here.”

9. Headphone Quality

WillwaltFreddie Mercury Biography

This is a brilliant one, especially if the sound quality of your headphones is particularly important to you. If you are buying headphones/speakers, test them with Bohemian Rhapsody. It has the complete set of highs and lows in instruments and vocals.

10. Just Don’t Ask


Another important life hack; MIND YA OWN BUSINESS. It has nothing to do with you, so unless they want to tell you why they’ve made that decision, keep your trap shut. It doesn’t affect you in any way.

11. Music Lovers


Another great tip for the music lovers out there! If you like one song by an artist, but don’t really dig the rest of their stuff, all you need to do is find out who the producer is and see what other work they’ve done. Why? Well, the producer can play a big role in how the final song turns out. The more you know, eh!?

12. Train Your Pets

This one is incredible and may end up saving your pets life one day! What could be a better life hack than that!? Okay so, if your fire alarm goes off, call your pets and give them a treat. Eventually, because pets will literally do anything for treats, they will come when the alarm goes off, saving you from wasting time looking for pets during an evacuation.