These 20 Images Of Adorable Cats On Glass Prove That Cats Are Actually Liquid


It's a very well-known fact that one of the staple ideologies of all cats all around the world is "If I Fits, I Sits"


Especially, when the area they're sitting in just happens to be made of glass and you can see straight through it, it's hard to believe that cats actually have real bones inside their cute little furry bodies! Not to mention... it makes for a fantastic photo opportunity!

And here are some of my favorite examples just for you guys! I hope they brighten up your day as much as they have mine...


1. UFF (Unidentified Flying-Feline)

If you just cropped out the edge of the table away and took away whatever that blue thing at the bottom is, you could 100% believe that this kitty was hovering around on its own accord.


Ohhhh this kitty is so squishy I could die! He actually looks like a big, chunky, sushi roll and I just want to squeeze his chubby little cheeks all day long!

3. Why aren't I falling!?

It feels to me that this cat is highly confused about how he can possibly be floating above this room without actually falling?

4. Oh Hello

This kitty looks super surprised to see a human laying comfortably beneath it. What is this... sorcery!?

5. Snoozing Budda

I mean, come on, you can't look at this kitty and tell me he doesn't look like a floating, sleeping Budda, right? Or at least he looks like the real-life version of those Lucky Cat statues with the moving paws.

6. Hover Cat

And here we have a very magical hover-cat, snoozing away in the sky.

7. Pin-Up Kitty

With the cheeky, playful pose this adorable creature is making I 100% believe that there is such a thing out there as Kitty-Cat Pin-up models... this is absolutely my favorite image of them all!

8. Just the Paws

This cat is either sat on top of a scanner or in an incredibly dark room but either way, it's seriously creepy!

9. Peek-a-Boo!

This kitty is for sure thinking "I can't see them, they can't see me!" a classic hide and seek moveĀ if I ever did see one.

10. Deflated

It looks as though someone has completely let the air out of this little kitty! It also kind of looks a little bit like a hologram.

11. Bowling

What I don't understand is... do cats actually find sitting like this comfortable? I mean, it kinda does look comfortable... but can it really be so? This cat sitting in a bowl (I assume) has a seriously cool effect!

12. Half & Half

This another super cool image, not that they all aren't, It almost looks as if this cat has been split in half, or super squished down onto the glass!


I love this little guy... I mean just look at those big beautiful eyes! And look how cute his little bent paws are... he almost looks like a cartoon version of a cat!

14. Perfect Paws

Either this cat was a ballerina in a past life or is just perfectly proper! But these paws are so perfectly placed that it makes this photograph even cooler!

15. Super Bowl

This is just the most hilarious thing. What exactly runs through at cats mind when they're laying inside stuff like this!? Do they know how hilarious it is? What even is that thing???

16. That's just my face!

The glass is so clear on this image that it really does look like that this kitty was just born with a squished-up face like this... it's so, so cool!

17. Cosy

I tell you one thing, it's hard to imagine cats ever having cold paws when they can simply just sit down on them and enclose their little toe-beans in all that comfy cozy fur!

18. Halp

I'm not sure if this little cutie is stuck or something, but he definitely, definitely looks as though he is regretting an awful lot of his life choices. In fact, he actually looks like the real-life-version of Puss in Boots from Shrek. SO. CUTE.

19. Big Squishy Cloud

I just wanna pick this little fluff bag up and squeeze him! He also looks like he's giving himself a teeny tiny hug and it's SO ADORABLE I COULD CRY.

20. Twinsies

And last but by no means least, these two little adorable devils! It's true what they say... double the cat and double the trouble! They do look incredibly adorable sitting together in... well whatever the heck that is.

What's the strangest place you've ever your cat liquified in? Let me know in the comments and don't forget to share this with your friends and family to help brighten up their day too! x