20 Feline Friends Who Found Catnip And Lost The Ability To Function


Andrew Marttila 

& Some people go even further than that, some people see these antics and want to make sure the world knows about them!

He is best known for his absolutely captivating images of funny felines. & While he used to be terribly allergic to cats, he now lives with his girlfriend, his THREE cats, and a furry gang of rotating foster kitties just outside of D.C! Which is great to hear!

More importantly, he has just recently finished a project about cats' love for the magical green stuff that is catnip!

He also has a book out, called "CATS ON CATNIP" and we wanted to bring you a sneak peek from it!

It's guaranteed to make your day! (You can thank us later!)

1. Blerrrrugh!

This kitty really either isn't enjoying the taste of his nip...or he can now taste colours and see through time, I'm betting on the latter!

Fuuurout, man!

2. So photogenic...even when high!

How can any kitty be THIS photogenic when he's off his face on the nip!? You want to see pictures of me drunk! I look like some kind of evil swamp creature that is coming for your soul! I guess that's why animals are so special, they're always beautiful, no matter what!

3. Start young

This little baby looks like he's just tasted heaven...and he likes it! He almost looks like he's laughing in that final pic! Is there anything more adorable than him right now!?

4. Wut!?

Oh this is SO perfect! Look at THAT face! He's totally way out of f@cks to give and he's tired of your sh@t, man!

5. What ARE you doing, Jerry!?

Oh my, that kitty on the floor certainly doesn't look impressed with his friend's antics!

"Not again, Jerry! You promised you wouldn't do this...I can't take you anywhere!"

6. It's "seeing through time" kitty again!

His facial expressions are so perfect, we just HAD to share another picture of him and his high little face!

"I can taste blue!"

7. Oh my god, you caught me!

Looks like someone has walked in on kitty's nip session! Busted! But don't worry, sweetie! Your secret is safe with us!

8. Am I dribbling!?

No Fred, you're not dribbling...just let me mop up this puddle here...!

9. Wow

This is an absolutely amazing shot! If this isn't a work of art then I don't know what is! & Look at his little goatee beard!

10. I think I fell asleep...

This beautiful guy is totally ruining his master of the night image, but we don't care, because he's wonderful! Besides, what's the point of having Cat Nip if you're not going to roll in it!?

11. Mr Derp

This smooth criminal has lost all of his inhibitions and he couldn't give a toss anymore! He has his nip, that's all he needs, he doesn't care abour your opinions anymore!

12. Cover Stars

I think this is just a brilliant shot, I'd actually have this picture blown up huge and put up in my living room if I could! I'll have to contact Andrew and do some begging!

13. Leave me alone, I got this!

This grumpy looking kitty looks like someone has just told him that he's 'had enough!'

"I'll tell you when I've had enough, boy!"

14. It's so...purrretty!

This gorgeous girl looks like she's seen something magical...and so have I! Her face! Look at those beautiful spaced out eyes!

15. It's a bit...sssticky!

This girl is totally posing for the camera! She's beautiful and she knows it! & Looks like sticky cat nip brings out her best side! Although I can't imagine that she has a 'wrong' side!

16. He's here again!

Tasting colours Cat gets another shot! Can you blame us!? His derpy expressions are perfect! However, I don't know how much catnip Andrew had to ply him with to get all these wonderful shots! He must have been off his face for a full day!

17. I now have the energy for my evil plans!

This gorgeous guy looks like the nip has given him all he needs to finally start his world domination plan! *evil high meows echo across the land*

18. Oh hai!

Only in my wildest dreams will I ever be as photogenic as this kitty! He looks SO happy...almost like he's just told the best punch line that you've ever heard!

19. Erm, sorry to trouble you, but it seems to have gone up my nose!

How regal is this beautiful ginger boy!? He gets the prize for being the most dignified high kitty!

20. I think I'm going to sneeze! Back up!

Original content and all images are sourced from and credited to Andrew Marttila, Bored Panda & MyMordernMet

It looks like the nip has gone right up this kitties nasal holes! But don't worry, it looks like he's finding it just as funny as we are! He's so adorable!