These Are Apparently "The Most Beautiful" Male & Female Faces Of 2018

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Beauty... what is beauty? Who really knows. It's hard to know because, well, what it means to be "beautiful" seems to change every other freakin' week!


After they vote and manage to narrow down their list, they then turn their results into two 10-minute videos that can actually be pretty enjoyable to watch

Anyway, below is the finalized list of the top 10 most beautiful Male and Female faces of 2018, which has been taken from the official Top 100 list from TC Candler. Enjoy!

The Most Beautiful Male Faces of 2018


10. Armie Hammer - Actor, USA

The Social Network. Hammer is now 32 years old and is currently working on the Call Me By Your Name

9. Jensen Ackles - Actor, USA


8. Mariano Di Vaio - Model & Designer, Italy


7. Marlon Teixeira - Model, Brazil

Same goes for this handsome devil. Bless you for sharing your face with the world Marlon. BLESS. YOU.

6. Shawn Mendes - Singer, Canada

Now I'm not personally a fan of Shawn Mendes, I also personally feel like he still has a pretty childlike face. But hey, if a bunch of judges has said he's one of the top 100 most beautiful males then who am I to disagree?

5. Kim Tae-hyung - Singer & Actor, South Korea

I wasn't aware of the existence of Kim, but I do know that K-pop is becoming more and more popular with every year that passes. I can definitely see the attraction... just look at that flawless skin!

4. Felix Kjellberg - Vlogger, Sweden

I'm also not a huge fan of the whole "vlogger" movement. Apparently, this guy's vlogging name is pewdiepie? No idea. This is a great photograph of him... however when I googled him he looked like a completely different person.

3. Idris Elba - Actor, Great Britain

How could the potential next Mr. Bond NOT be on this list? I'm definitely a fan of Idris Elba, and not just because of this gloriously handsome face!

2. Jeon Jung-kook - Singer, South Korea

Another K-popper for the list! I really love Jeon's hair in this picture, I'm sure there are many more K-pop singers involved in this list, very handsome indeed!

1. Jason Momoa - Actor, USA

Ah, there he is. I had a feeling Jason Moma would be top of this this after the year he's had! Also... because he has been top of my own personal list for many, many years now. This position I can definitely agree on, good job judges!

The Most Beautiful Female Faces of 2018

10. Banita Sandhu - Actress, India

Banita is definitely what you would call a natural beauty, I would kill for lips like hers!

9. Lalisa Manoban - Actress, Singer & Model, Thailand

You can totally see how Lalisa is a tiple threat, just think how much money the Kardashians have wasted to have lips and skin that look like hers.

8. Oktyabrina Maximova - Model, Russia

A very classic Russian beauty, dark eyes and thick, luxouris dark hair! Beautiful!

7. Hande Erçel - Actress & Model, Turkey


6. Nana - Singer, South Korea

Another very natural beauty, Nana is from the female branch of beautiful K-pop singers. Dark hair and dark eyes, a classic beauty!

5. Audreyana Michelle - Model, USA

I've personally never heard of Audreyana Michelle, however, she is indeed quite the looker! She definitely has some quite unique eyebrows and her eyes are a truly lovely shade of green!

4. Liza Soberano - Actress & Model, The Phillipines

Just look at that jawline! Here we have another contender for "International Kardashian/Jenner"... I suppose it's still one of those looks that everyone is trying to achieve? No idea why myself... but this woman certainly is a dark haired beauty!

3. Yael Shelbia - Model,  Israel

Another beautiful model... personally I think it's a bit too easy for judges to include models on the "100 Most Beautiful Faces" list, I mean, after all... isn't that their job? To be beautiful?

2. Chou Tzu-yu - Singer, Taiwan

I am so in love with Ms. Chou's hair! If it's all real then I am completley and utteraly jealous.

1. Thylane Blondeau - Model, France

You may remember this lady for winning "The Most Beautiful Child" award many years ago? If not, Google her, I'm sure it'll jog your memory! Good to see she just gets more and more beautiful as the years go by.

Have opinions on the list you wish to share with me? Do you think that judging the 100 Most Beautiful Faces annually is a good use of everybody's time? Let me know in the comments! And don't forget to share this with all your friends and family too! x

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