There are some things that are part of common sense, that everyone should know. These include things like not texting while driving or not jumping off a cliff unless you want to die. These are things that we are taught right from our childhood and we grow up following all these until the day that we actually bite the dust. However, there are some things that our parents and teachers never taught us in our formative years but now we have a chance to learn them all. These things can help save your life or the life of someone around you. Here are some of them:

A Falling Elevator

Lying flat on your back is the best way to survive a falling elevator. If you keep standing, chances are that your body will rise in a free fall and you will end up smashing your head on the ceiling of the elevator.

Smells Like Fish

There may be a time when your house starts to suddenly smell like fish. Instead of going to check on in the refrigerator for any fish that might have gone bad, you might want to check your electrical gadgets because there may be an electrical fire.

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