These Hilarious Men Doing Pin-Up Poses Will Make Your Day

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1.) Werking that toolbox

Oh, wow that is quite a pose! He looks great with all of those tools (no pun intended). And those LEGS. This man is an icon.

2.) Cheeky

I’m not 100% sure what this is really supposed to be but his expression is GOLDEN. He looks so coy but the expression is so forced such a trooper!

3.) He was a skater boy

She won’t be saying see you later boy to THIS guy. This pose is just perfect and that t-shirt, wow, he is pin-up GOALS.

4.) Fishing

This one is TOO MUCH. The ‘cropped’ shirt is just so saucy and his expression just makes the picture. He could have gone all-out and actually wore a proper cropped shirt but he tried his best!

5.) A spot of baseball

This is such a CLASSIC pin-up pose and this guy pulls it off FLAWLESSLY. Honestly, these guys are really showing up how ridiculous pin-up poses actually are…

6.) Going to the army

The guy didn’t half-ass his outfit, he’s got face camouflage and everything. His legs seem to be floating or he is holding them up in that position which must be PAINFUL. The things these guys go through for a pin-up photoshoot.

7.) Bike accident

This one is FANTASTIC. Just on his newspaper round, falls off the bike and OOPSIE here’s a sneak peek of my boxers. Bright orange….cheeky.

8.) Just your standard mechanic

This is actually what mechanics do all day. Seductively lay across the tyres and pose for photo shoots. I want to work there!

9.) BBQ anyone?

No chance because he’s gone and dropped it! Instead of picking it up, he posed for a photo instead. Unacceptable.

10.) Poser

We love this guy’s expression, he looks so surprised that they’ve caught him sat on the tree trunk, so scandalous.

11.) What is going on here

Not entirely sure what pin-up pose this guy is trying to represent and its slightly scary. At least he is trying though!

12.) Acrobatics

Someone give this guy a back massage, can’t you see how much pain he’s in?! Honestly, this is probably the weirdest pose ever. I’m not sure what’s sexy about looking like you’ve just broken your back.

After looking through these pictures, I NEED to buy this calendar and gift it to everyone I know. I am sure that they will appreciate it. I’ll be a hero!

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