People are always deceiving one another for both small and big things. While some people are good at it, others are very bad liars, to the point where we are not even sure why they bother lying at all. These people do not realize that they are bad liars and sometimes, it is quite funny how they are easily disproven in front of other people. Sometimes they tell these lies on the internet, at which point everyone can laugh about how bad they are. These are some of the most amusing examples of bad liars showing their ineptitude to the world, as well as some of the most blatant deceptions ever attempted.

A Lesson in Ineptitude

Lots of people try to play things off as something they did, when in fact, they just bought it from the store. But usually, they at least have the smarts to try and make it look like they didn’t buy it. This person tried to make it seem like they had taken their first pass at making sushi.

However, they completely neglected to even change the obvious prepackaged setup that the sushi came in. How could anyone make such an obvious oversight? Frankly, we have no idea why anyone would think this would work.

Is That Your House?

This picture is a little confusing, so we’ll break it down for you. The guy on the left side of the conversation is pretending to live in the house being shown on the right. The guy on the right side of the conversation is aware that the house is pictured as being sold by realtors as they speak.

He has irrefutable evidence that the dude is lying about where he lives, but even so, the guy is still trying to keep up his facade.

Didn’t Think About That

When people have nothing important to say on social media, they often try to find something to say by making it up. Unfortunately for them, they rarely do the math on how to make that story as believable as possible. This woman thought it was going to work, but she forgot about the power of reflection.

Her sunglasses give her away, so her little deception, small and unimportant though it may be, didn’t last very long at all. It’s all in the details, buddy!

One-Hit Wonder

On some level, we understand why a store may want to cut back on how much food goes into each item. Cost efficiency and all that. But this kind of ruse would only work one time. After all, the customer is going to learn real quick that there isn’t a proper amount of cheese in this sandwich.

And of course, a business doesn’t last very long without repeat customers, so for obvious reasons, this is a type of plan that wouldn’t benefit any store for very long. Clever deception, for all of thirty seconds.

The Jig is Up

Somehow, people consistently forget that they have many pictures on social media that anyone can look at. Then again, no one had to look very hard to discover the lie this individual was telling. This is akin to wearing a shirt right in front of someone and telling them it’s never been worn.

To call it ridiculous is an understatement. Some people just seriously lack overall awareness of everything and anything. But at least nobody fell for this bald-faced lie.

Point Proven

If you are going to try and crack a joke at the expense of other people, then, generally speaking, you should make sure you have the intellectual high ground. Unfortunately, this guy did not. He tried to knock on people reading a certain book, and an unhappy camper made him look like a fool for it.

The lesson to be learned here is simple: make sure you know what you are talking about before you try to make fun of someone else with knowledge about it. They might know more than you!

Is This Illegal?

This seems like blatant copyright infringement: but what do we know anyway? Regardless, the band that used this cover legally made sure to point out the fact that it was their cover art, even as this rapper tried to steal it from them under the radar.

We feel that this kind of blatant copyright infringement is difficult to hide, so we don’t know why anyone would feel that this is a good idea that is going to work. But hey, we’re not lawyers, so we don’t know just how bad of an idea this was.

Forget Something?

So you want to try and make your argument seem better, but no one agrees with you. You decide to agree with yourself, using a second account, but completely forget to switch accounts. all you have done is agree with yourself, making you look pretty pathetic.

That’s the story with this guy. We’re not even sure what show he was talking about, but any merit his argument might have had gets buried under his obvious and utterly sad attempt at deceiving everyone online.

The People Have Spoken

One of the most important aspects of telling a convincing lie is having people that can corroborate your story. On the other hand, if you have witnesses that can point out the fact that you’re lying, then expect people to find out about that pretty quickly.

Why anyone would tell a story this fantastical and asinine when there are a ton of people that could disprove it, we have no idea. The brief flare of fame from such a story was almost definitely short-lived, thanks to it being an obvious lie.

Silent but Deadly

We digress about mentioning this one on this list, but to be fair, hiding is a form of deception, and unfortunately for this criminal, he wasn’t nearly as good at it as he thought he was. Fortunately for us though, the story involved is pretty darn funny.

Just imagine going to jail due to flatulence. That’s a story you wouldn’t be able to tell to anyone in or out of prison if you wanted to keep any of your dignity. We almost feel bad for him.

Yeah, Pretty Creepy

A lot of internet lies rely on stealing content and passing it off as one’s own, but really, is nothing sacred? Would you try to pass off some stranger’s child as your own just to get likes on Facebook or something? Isn’t that kind of creepy?

Well, kind of is putting it mildly. Needless to say, we’re not surprised that a mother would be upset about this reality, because that’s their child being used for something stupid and untrue.

Speak for Yourself

Trying to defend something that you are a part of while pretending to be unbiased? Yeah, that doesn’t work. It especially doesn’t work when people know for a fact that you are a part of that group. This server did not know this valuable truth.

He got called out for his troubles, which doesn’t surprise us in the least. We’re not actually sure what he expected to happen, but this was probably the nigh guaranteed outcome, don’t you think?

How’d You Lived?

When it comes to telling a lie, it would probably be beneficial to know how reality works. For instance, don’t tell people that you could fast without water for five and a half days. Believe it or not, you can’t do that. Shocking, we know.

Of course, nearly everyone knows this, which means very few people are going to be deceived by such a blatant lie. Yet, some people would still try to make that lie work, such as this individual right here. No one believed him.

Geez Mom, Don’t Mess it Up!

Trying to pretend you had it rough when you didn’t is scummy, but unfortunately, a popular thing to do. But when people tell this lie, they usually get ratted out by someone who knows them personally. Family is generally the main culprit.

After all, the family pulls no punches! They’re more than familiar and more than willing to call their loved ones out! Also, how is pointing out the truth and inappropriate comments? Sounds like sour grapes.

Let Me Have This!

You know your lie isn’t going places when an airline goes out of their way to call you out. But then again, an airline probably needs to make sure that rumors like this don’t spread, as trying to smuggle yourself onto a plane is very dangerous and super illegal.

If it did happen, this Adam fellow would probably face some pretty serious repercussions, so admitting to it online would be a terrible idea anyway.

It’s Almost Endearing, Really

The whole point of this list is bad liars. However, this liar is so bad we can’t even find it in our hearts and minds to shame him. It’s so bad we feel bad for him, rather than the people he’s trying to lie to. Honestly, it’s kind of impressive.

We’re not sure how anyone could miss the problem with this whole setup, but there are some people out there with just such problems. It’s a good thing they’re bad at lying as far as human decency is concerned but still sad in its way.

One Million Dollar Question

What’s weird about this is that almost no one would be fooled by a one million dollar bill. It just seems like a waste of time to even do this. But then again, someone who wished they had that much money may be pretty desperate when it comes to making counterfeits.

Even so, this is a pretty silly idea because there’s nary a soul in this world that would fall for it. If you are going to make fake money, at least make realistic bills that might work.

Medically Inaccurate

Making big claims makes it even harder for a lie to be believable. Especially when you make claims about being paralyzed or something equally serious. Needless to say, this is very easy to disprove: especially if you are standing up while claiming to be paralyzed from the waist down.

Naturally, someone would be inclined to mention this point if you made such a bald-faced lie. And naturally, there would be nothing you could do to refute it. Don’t makeup nonsense just to be dramatic.

Research Does Wonder

This is another instance in which we aren’t sure if someone is actually trying to be deceitful or if they are just misinformed. But then again, spreading misinformation is a problem in and of itself, don’t you think? Thankfully, someone set them straight fairly quickly.

It’s too bad because the story itself would be very interesting if it were true. But the word “if” carries a lot of weight with it, and that weight changes reality pretty quickly and decisively.

The Great Outdoors

Want to ride the outdoor trend without actually getting too terribly invested in the outdoors? No problem! Just go behind your house and take some pictures, preferably without the house is visible. Oh, and you should make sure that no one will rat you out while you’re at it.

Unfortunately, this girl forgot about that last part, that last, vital part that one should never forget. It’s all in the details, and she forgot about that. Whoops.

Those Pesky Watermarks

Watermarks exist specifically to stop people from passing things off as their own. So if you were going to try and do exactly that, it would pay to at least remove the watermark, right? This individual did not come to that conclusion.

Major oversight there, and one that should have been pretty easy to catch. The image is funny, why not just say you found it online? Not everything has to have happened to you or someone you know. Some things just don’t need to be lied about.

You Played Yourself

Do you know what’s great about the internet? It always remembers. Things you’ve said in the past are things it will remember in the future. This guy, for instance, tried to take a certain stance, but the internet knows just how hypocritical it was.

Remember everyone, unless you have some serious computer skills, chances are that anything and everything you have ever said on the internet is still around, no matter how old it may be.

The Numbers Don’t Add Up

This guy tried to bamboozle all of us, but he didn’t do a particularly good job. He had spent years slaving away at a minimum wage job, but he was only sixteen when he made this post. There are some obvious reasons why anyone in America would be lying if they made the statement we see here.

On top of that, this teen recovered from a wide variety of addictions while he was at it. Wow, what a resilient and determined hero we have here today! Needless to say, this is all a load of nonsense.

Well, Which is It?

We’re not sure why the label for this particular product is having such an issue getting its facts straight. Honestly, we don’t know if they are trying to trick people or if they were just so incompetent that they made a mistake this obvious.

As you can see, this product doesn’t know if it is 100% juice or 27% juice. We’re also not sure how they could get that wrong, which is exactly why we don’t know if they are actively trying to trick us or just have no idea what they are doing at all. Maybe it’s a translation error or something?

Thinly Veiled Lies

Do you want to know how you can tell if a lie isn’t going to work out very well for you? Well, if there’s obvious evidence that isn’t very hard to discover that contradicts the lie, it’s probably a bad idea. This guy, for example, tried to pass off a mass-produced shirt as a personal creation.

Anyone who has seen that shirt around on other people or in stores could easily point out that this is a lie. Why the person who told that lie didn’t think about that reality, we don’t know. Seems pretty obvious to us.

Math? What’s That?

We’ll readily admit that math is hard. Many people aren’t good at it. However, some math is relatively simple, since you can do it with a calculator. But it doesn’t even take a calculator to determine what’s wrong with this situation.

Once again, we’re not sure if anyone was trying to deceive us, or if they just have no idea what they’re doing. Either way, this is a deception that would be seen through by just about anyone, with very little effort.

Putting Words in Their Mouth

Parents lie sometimes, just like everyone else. And sometimes, they lie about extremely silly things. This time, a parent decided to lie about how fluent her three-year-old is just to try and push a personal agenda. Once again, this was done on the internet, where everyone can prove them wrong.

Even her own family wasn’t on board with a lie this ridiculous. Frankly, if you are going to lie, at least have the guts to do it yourself, rather than trying to use a kid to facilitate them. That’s pretty low.

Doesn’t Work Like That

There’s always someone on the internet who knows more than you. And if something is popular on the internet, then obviously a lot of people know about it. Combine those two things and it should be obvious that claiming certain things as your own is a bad idea.

Even if it is a cute puppy, people on the internet will swiftly know that you lying, because it’s not that hard to find popular content all over the place across several websites. Also, dog anatomy might have something to say here.

Nothing but Problems

We don’t know where to start with this lie. Almost everything that could be wrong with it is. Why would this guy be in the bathroom? Why would this girl ask him to take a picture when he shouldn’t be in the women’s restroom? If she asked him to take the pic, why is it on his phone to post instead of hers?

Needless to say, the guy who told this lie didn’t think it through very well. Then again, the whole purpose of this list is individuals who thought they were great liars but aren’t.

Can You See Me?

You’re not a very good liar when your lie can easily be noted by other people who were present at the time a certain situation went down. Because obviously, they aren’t going to let you steal their thunder if they can help it. Nobody would do that.

Besides, trying to steal other people’s credit is a pretty low, dirty thing to do, so we feel no pity for anyone who gets called out on their lie in such scenarios. They deserve that.

The Net Reveals All

The problem with posting photoshopped images online and acting like they’re real is that the internet is a well of knowledge, and the image you edited is in its original form on it somewhere. That makes it pretty easy for people to prove you wrong.

And of course, this is also another example of someone who clearly couldn’t admit to their deceptions with any dignity whatsoever. That being the case, they look even more pathetic. You shouldn’t lie, but if you are going to, do it better than this.

Outright Called Out

For some reason, people just can’t be content posting pictures of themselves without trying to attach some sort of weird baggage to it. Most of the time, that baggage is a made-up lie, and most of the time, someone knows this and lets everybody else know that it’s a lie.

And when that happens, everybody knows that you’re just a drama-seeking individual with little better to do than lie on the internet to try and get attention. Then your reputation takes a hit, and who wants that?

Caught in the Act

You should never try to make up a story involving a famous person on the internet, because people will likely ask the famous person whether or not the story is true, and of course, it never is. That tends to lead to some problems for your reputation, for obvious reasons.

At least, in this case, the famous person in question didn’t get upset about the situation, even though he definitely could have been a little more ticked, and rightfully so. It could have been worse!

The Reverse Card

Little known fact for liars on the internet: you can reverse search images to see where they came from, what they are, and whether or not they are original. So if you take a picture from the net and try to pretend that it’s yours, people will find out very quickly.

On top of that, if you have an agenda and have to make up things to try and prove your point, then you may want to reevaluate why you have that stance and opinion. Just saying.

Just Not Cool

Making up silly lies is one thing, but making up extremely harmful ones is even worse. Why anyone would think this is an acceptable thing to do is beyond us, as it could certainly stir up some trouble that never needed to exist. This is just heinous.

Even worse is when one doesn’t own up to what they’ve done when someone calls them out on it. This person didn’t have any integrity or dignity to start with, but they proved it twice over with this nonsense.

Good Guess, But No

Frankly, we’re not sure if this person was trying to deceive everyone or if he believed the things he was telling everybody. Maybe somebody else told him and he just bought it at face value? Either way, while this acronym is pretty clever, it’s not true. Oops.

Maybe the reason it took him so long to figure that out is specifically that it was false? It often takes a bit of extra time to learn about something that isn’t true than something that is.

Who Has Time for That?

We get it, sometimes you feel like the world is out to get you. But come on, who believes that the people at the store are using straws as some sort of code to make fun of them? If an employee wants to complain about you to their friends, they’ll just talk to them.

This harebrained idea regarding straws and secret codes is exactly that: harebrained. Some people will just do whatever they have to stir up some drama from literally nothing.

Not What You Wanted

Everyone knows about those annoying mobile ads that try to trick you into doing something you don’t want. You press the x, and it opens another ad. This time, they tell you to swipe up to close, but at the bottom of the ad, it states that would result in installing the app you didn’t want.

We’re only mentioning this because it’s ridiculous that you can legally try to deceive people like this so long as you put the truth is much less noticeable text somewhere in the advertisement. Just seems crazy that this is allowed.

What Was Even the Point?

Sometimes, we don’t even understand why some people lie. For instance, this guy lied about how this picture went down and his relation to the sun and all that. But why even lie about it? Is he just afraid to admit that he made a stupid pose for this picture?

Either way, his silly lie was quickly pointed out by people on the internet, which is the worst place to try and pass off anything that can be easily unraveled by sharp eyes. Better luck next time, pal.

Fits Right In

The thing that shocks us the most about internet lies is how unnecessary they almost always are. Take this whole thing, for example: why do you even need to lie about this? Why can’t you just find a real picture, or not make it up at all? After all, who cares about this even if it was true?

Thing is, most people on the internet don’t care, so why bother trying to convince them of ridiculous things? It just doesn’t make any sense to us, but then again, we don’t claim to know everything.

News to Us

Some transmitted diseases affect a lot of people, unfortunately. There’s also no vaccine or cure for many of them or anything, not for lack of trying on the medical world’s part. That said, why you would think you could make a lie this ridiculous and nonsensical is beyond all logic.

What’s worse is that someone upvoted this guy on Reddit, meaning someone believed him. Or at the very least, they liked something about his asinine lie: what that could be we have no idea.

Taking You Down a Peg

When someone is trying to front their friends and act cool over something that’s not cool at all, it’s usually their parents that shoot down their dreams of praise of admiration from all of those around them. This kid was trying to act like he ended up at the hospital because he had done something cool and dangerous.

In reality, he was on a saline drip because he was having bathroom troubles. Needless to say, that’s not nearly as cool, though frankly, we don’t think ending up in the hospital is cool at all.

The Prettiest Crash Ever

Just looking at these pictures makes it pretty obvious that this was not a real motorcycle crash. Everything is staged, and no one comes out of a wreck looking that good. On top of that, there’s a whole lot of pretty obvious branding going on.

And yet, someone would still try to defend these pictures as being real. Someone did try to do that. We have no idea why they think it would work on anyone, but some people are just extremely desperate for attention.

Bad Lie, Great Meme

Do you remember Grumpy Cat, that very disgruntled kitty that was super popular on the internet? Can you imagine how silly it would be to try and pretend that such a popular cat was your cat when anybody who had ever been on the internet would know you were lying?

Yeah, this is kind of like that. It just really doesn’t make any sense at all, and no one should be surprised that this plan fell through as easily as it did. What was this guy expecting anyway?

A Major Oversight

It’s no secret that a lot of people try to fake their appearance when online. People that aren’t happy with how they look don’t want to admit that to people online, so they find pictures online and use them to pretend that’s what they look like when people ask.

Well, that whole thing doesn’t work very well if you don’t even hide the search bar that reveals your attempt at deception. Seriously people, double-check your lies if you have to tell them. Things like this just prove you’re a liar and stupid.