Written and directed by Stephen Sommers (who went on to make The Mummy), Deep Rising is a fun but grisly blend of action and horror. The film sees a luxury cruise liner besieged by heavily armed thieves, only for the criminals to unexpectedly find themselves under attack from a mysterious and deadly threat. Here are some facts about this sea-faring creature feature that you might not have known.

25. The film was originally entitled Tentacle

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Deep Rising is the fourth feature film made by American writer-director Stephen Sommers. As a horror movie geared towards older viewers, the film was a step in a different direction for Sommers. His previous films had included the more family-friendly The Adventures of Huck Finn and Rudyard Kipling’s The Jungle Book.

When Sommers began working on the script in the mid-90s, he didn’t entitle the project Deep Rising. Instead, Sommers’ original working title was Tentacle – a more clear reflection of the film’s central threat. It’s not hard to see why it was instead decided to give the film a more ambiguous, largely spoiler-free title.

24. The film’s budget was slashed when Harrison Ford turned down the lead role

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The male lead in Deep Rising is John Finnegan, the morally flexible captain who offers his services to criminals. Stephen Sommers wrote the role with a well-established loveable rogue in mind: Harrison Ford. When Ford was in the frame to take the role, studio interest in the project increased – and along with it, the budget.

Unfortunately for Sommers, Ford wound up turning down Deep Rising. Naturally, this had a knock-on effect for the film overall. With Ford gone, concern from financial backers saw the film’s budget greatly reduced to $45 million. The role of Finnegan was instead taken by Treat Williams, a seasoned actor but a considerably smaller name than Ford.

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