This Adorable Little Boy With Special Needs Was Kicked Out Of Dumbo Because He Was "Laughing Too Much"


I'm not sure if you're aware (and if you aren't aware of it then where have you freakin' BEEN!?) but if there was ever a year for Disney movie releases - it's this one. Aladdin, The Lion King, Toy Story 4, Maleficent 2, Frozen 2, Jungle Cruise... and of course, Dumbo, just to name a few. It's basically the dream year for parents to take their children to the cinema, especially if they want to start introducing them to the wonderful world of Disney.

don't have kids common sense would probably tell you this) taking small children to the movies (or, y'know, literally anywhere) can be somewhat of a challenge. And when you're the parent of a special needs child? Well, things can get even trickier.


You can watch the video of the original news story below:

Can. You. BELIEVE. IT?

leave. Yep, that's right folks, that employee basically went in there, told them to get out. Jennifer Daly had to pick up her kids, mid-film, and vacate that theater. All because her child was laughing

"To ensure a quality moviegoing experience for everyone, disruptive behavior is not permitted during a movie,"

Understandably, Daly says she was SO blindsided and hurt by the complaint, and the whole ordeal itself, that she promptly burst into tears.

WGNTV reached out to AMC Theaters Director of Corporate Communications Ryan Noonan shortly after the "incident" and received a written statement that said a manager received multiple complaints about an "ongoing disruption" during the film. The manager then spoke with Daly after observing the issue.


Daly was also informed about AMC's "sensory-friendly" movie program, which offers special needs families a place to watch movies that don't adhere to the same noise-level rules... which is kinda cool I GUESS.

However, the main issue is that the mom of two was upset and heartbroken over the actual complaint, and said that at that point, all she wanted to do is go home.

"'Do you realize what an achievement it is for me to be able to take my boys to go see this?'" Daly asked the manager, adding that she works full time. "It is really hard for me."

In her post, which has since gone viral (obviously), Daly added that merely just exiting the theater with her two sons was a feat in and of itself, because of little Jonathan's wheelchair, oxygen, and feeding bag etc... so it's not like she could make a smooth, quick getaway. In fact, she had carefully selected seats at the top back of the theater in order to be out of everyone else's way.

"I don’t want anything from them, all I want is for them to train their staff better," the Daly said. "I want people to be aware that we have to be more kind to each other and put ourselves in each other’s situations once in awhile, and r

In the end, Daly said all she really wants from this experience is to raise awareness about the challenges of special needs families, which I think is a truly amazing idea.


Have you had a similar experience to this? Or do you know anybody who has? What do you think about the actions of the person who complained about the noise in the first place? Let me know in the comments! And don't forget to share this story with your friends and family too. AAx