This Dog Drops His Toys Over A Wall So That Strangers Will Have To Play With Him

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Johnny's video was picked up by the wholesome Twitter page WeRateDogs, who explained Riley's little playtime technique. They gave him a whopping 14/10, which is no less than what deserves.

Their tweet also got the attention of a few of Riley's playmates, past and present:

Of course, Riley doesn't just stay in his yard, he gets out and about to meet his adoring public. Another Twitter user, Lexi, recalled the time where she met Riley at a local event:

What a special little guy. If you're not following the WeRateDogs Twitter, I'd highly recommend that you do so. They tweet about tons of dogs like Riley, and never give below a 10/10. As it should be!

You can also follow Riley at

Have you ever come across Riley, or a dog with a similar playtime technique? Let us know in the comments!

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