This Guy Set Up A Hidden Camera To Catch What His Cat Does During The Night, And The Footage Is Hilarious


Cats are super weird. And I mean, SUPER. WEIRD. As a well-established lover of all animals, it's okay for me to say it because I say it fondly. Not to mention, if you're a cat owner yourself, you'll know that what I'm saying is 100% absolutely true.

'cat naps'

And luckily for us, a cat owner in Thailand has caught the proof of this one tape.

Well, you may not know this, but as it turns out, cats are actually nocturnal animals. Did you know that? Because I sure didn't. I mean, yes, they do adjust their sleep patterns a teeny bit to match those of their own owners, but alas, what they most enjoy doing during nighttime, is to come out and play!

Well, as I mentioned before, there's a cat owner in Thailand who wanted to know exactly what kind of shenanigans his pet was actually getting into during the night while he was sleeping soundly, and so he set up a camera in order to record his pet while he was fast asleep. As you can probably imagine, he ended up catching some pretty hilarious animal activity... while his four-legged furry companion loyally watches over his slumbering body.

Scroll down to hear the full story of what he found below...

This is Facebook user Lomphonten Lomphontan (yep, a bit of a mouthful). He recently uploaded a number of nighttime cam shots he took of his own cat watching over him while he slept, to the popular Thai Facebook group ‘Cat Lovers Club.’ 

As you can see, he was certainly able to catch some pretty "purr-fect" (sorry, not sorry) shots. Also, they'd absolutely hilarious.

You see, cat's are descendants of the African wildcat - which are mostly nocturnal animals. However, the domestication of cats over the centuries has indeed made their activity patterns a lot more dinural (aka, they's mostly awake during the day time) just like ours. Despite this fact, most cats will still wake up at least twice during the night, if not more... as you can very clearly see with these images.


Just like their ancestors, around 44% of these outdoor cats hunted for their own wildlife, and even more so 85% of these captures occurred during the warmer seasons.


old age, stress, medical problems or even just plain boredom

So, in other words, if your cat is constantly disrupting your sleep at night there are several different suggestions. It's pretty simple, really, just like you would with restless kids, in order to tire your cat out closer to the evening you should do so with play sessions. You can also try feeding your cat before bedtime, as just like their Lion ancestors, they usually tend to sleep after a big ole' meal.

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Do you have a cat of your own and ever experienced anything like this before? Do you think cats should be indoor or outdoor pets? Let me know in the comments and don't forget to share this with your friends, family, and other fellow cats lover too!