This Guy Spent Three Years Inventing The Human Car Wash, And It Is Incredible


Just when you thought you'd seen it all...

Do you remember the excitement you felt when you heard your parents utter the phrase "Hmmm, this car could really do with a wash" while you were out driving somewhere? And that feeling of excitement increasing as you watched them pull up to your local automatic carwash and you prepared yourself for the greatest ride of your young life? Ooooor was that just me?

Well I know one thing for sure, I am definitely NOT the only one out there who used to stare at those giant brushes barrelling over the sunroof of their car and thought to myself "Ohhhhhh, I would LOVE to run through this thing at least ONCE during my life. I bet it would be SO much fun!". And if you say you never did, well... you're lying. 

The Humanwash is designed to help people with mobility problems. Credit: Solent News

EITHER WAY, I am absolutely ecstatic to announce that your dreams can now become reality. Yep, that's right folks,  you truly can actually enjoy your very own car-wash experience without having to risk being pummelled by high-powered bristles and hoses which are specifically designed for beating the cr*p right off of your vehicle. 

And it is all thanks to a Finnish inventor who has spent the best part of three years working on a 'human car wash.'... which he has very brilliantly and creatively named the "Humanwash". Classic.

The 'Humanwash' works much like a car wash and means people don't need to waste time and energy scrubbing themselves... because who even has time for stuff like that these days!?

...definitely not me, that's for sure. I am just far too busy and important!

However, while this contraption may be perfect for those who have always wondered what being a car wash actually feels like (you know who you are!), it was actually designed with a far more important purpose: to help those people who have mobility problems. 

In the very sexy video which you can watch here, you can see the motor-powered rotating brush in action for yourself, which moves up and down automatically, just like a car wash!

Matti Paaso, who is the brilliant engineer behind this dream machine, said that he decided to set about creating the machine after he was SHOCKED to find out something like this didn't already exist (believe me Paaso, if something like this did exist, I'd already own 20 of them.)

The 70-year-old himself said: "It took me more than three years and four different prototypes to get this right. I couldn't find anything like this when I was doing my research on YouTube.

It is fitted with two motors which control the rotating brush and the vertical movement of the brush. It also has an emergency stop button and automatically stops after 15 minutes..."

The device has already been trialled. Credit: Solent News

"I designed it for people who have mobility issues, or are injured or are older and struggle to shower themselves."

The 'Humanwash' can be operated by either foot pedals or buttons on the side of the device itself, meaning that it can be operated differently depending on one's mobility.

Mr. Paaso also added that the machine can get you clean in just a couple of minutes and has already received rave reviews when trialed in a hospital... so, so amazing!

He also said: "It could be a very useful tool in a hospital or for care providers, it only uses the same amount of space as a normal shower.

"The user can wash their entire body in two or three minutes, but as the brushes are designed for a gentle massage the normal washing time is about 10 minutes.

"One of the prototypes was trialled in a hospital for one month and they loved it."

You can get one for yourself for a whopping £4,100 (which is a crisp $5250 for us!)... yikes. 

But hey, sometimes dreams are expensive and if you have the money to spare then why the heck don't you just treat yo' self!? As for me, I'm just gonna go back to hanging around my local automatic carwash in hope of getting a chance to run through it while nobody's watching!

How about you though, folks? Would be willing to spend $5000+ of your hard earned dollars on a contraption like this? If not, do you know someone who could actually benefit from it? Let me know in the comments! And don't forget to share this with your friends and family so that they know dreams really can come true! AAx