This Hospital Lets Kids Drive To Their Surgeries In Mini Motorcars And Our Hearts Are Melting


The hospital can be a scary place for many of us, especially if you're just a wee one, but this hospital is working hard to comfort kids in their care.

The Doctors Medical Center in Modesto, California, have found an ingenious way of reassuring their youngest patients. The children who are in need of surgery are offered a choice of mini motorcars which they can drive to the room where they will be undergoing an operation. This helps relax the kids at a potentially scary time.

After all, who could forget the joys these things brought?!

The hospital offers a far snazzier selection of vehicle! The young patients have a choice between a small, pink Volkswagen Beetle or a black Mercedes. I know I'd choose the Beetle to match my hair!

This little Miss is having a wild time! What a perfect way to comfort these kids during a scary or uncertain time in their lives. We have so much respect for doctors, caring for the most vulnerable amongst us with kindness and consideration.

This small gesture clearly has made a world of difference to these kids and distracted them from a scary time. WHO IS CUTTING ONIONS DAMMIT.

The super cool black Mercedes has been a feature of the hospital for a year now. It was so popular amongst the children that the pink Beetle was recently donated to add to the collection.

"These sweet rides take our smallest patients to the operating room. The goal is to reduce anxiety and stress and make the experience less scary for everyone involved. Doesn't hurt to have options, right?"

This sweetheart looks pleased with her sweet ride! We love that beaming smile!

The hospital stated on their Facebook page:

Let's also take a moment to appreciate the absolute legend who donated the pink Beetle! A truly selfless act! We know these mini motorcars ain't always cheap! And rather than make money selling the car on we're so glad this generous soul decided to donate to a truly worthy cause. They've made a lot of very deserving kids really happy. Faith in humanity RESTORED!

Look at that smile. PRICELESS.

The opportunity to hop into this neat little toy has totally calmed kids due for surgery. Their smilesĀ are a testament to that, surgery anxiety just fades away. We're so proud of their bravery and all the staff working tirelessly to make these little ones feel more comfortable.

Hopefully, other hospitals will be able to follow suit shortly! The cars are clearly making a huge difference and there's nothing we love more than a happy kid!

Do you know any little ones that would love these mini motors? Make sure you tell them all about it! Made a similar donation to your local hospital? Let us know all about it in the comments below! AAx

(All Image Credit: 9Gag)