This Husband Told His Wife "Lose Some Weight Or I'll Leave You!"


Relationships - when they're going well, they can be one of the most amazing things to be a part of and experience during your lifetime. When they're going badly, however, they can be downright toxic, and not mention, make you feel really sh*tty. The hard part is, is being able to recognize when the relationship you're in is going completely and utterly to the pits. And we've all been there.

One of the worst kinds of relationships is a manipulative one. And one of the worst things about being in a manipulative relationship is that sometimes the partner that is being manipulated seriously doesn’t realize they’re in such a relationship, to begin with. That is until something so completely ridiculous happens that you simply can’t deny it anymore.

One Reddit user finally realized this only after her husband placed an ultimatum on her, and then everything that followed.

This is what the user in question, who is also obviously using a throwaway account, posted:

Yep, I know what you're thinking; "MEN!", amiright? But alas, the tale does indeed get worse. 

The original poster continues:

So far so good, right? But then isn't that how it always seems to go in the beginning? 

To me "lover of muscle cars and weight-lifting" would have been a HUGE red flag in the first place but hey - each to their own. 

Ah yes, the classic "Human Male Shocked When Wife Gains Weight During Pregnancy - Was Not Told That Would Happen."

Talk about an actual, bonafide a*shole. To say she was "upset," I think is putting it INCREDIBLY lightly.

Oh good well, I'm glad her husband is happy again. Now he won't have to listen to his douchebag friends about what a whale he's married to. Everything is right in the world again.

Or is it!? Of course not...

Yeah yeah, nothing men love more than other men commenting about how sexy the woman they're married to is. 

Probably helps him the insecurity he feels for having such a teeny d*ck after using all those steroids.  HA!

Halle-LUJAH here we go, finally some action... and all it took was a grope form her sh*tty husbands' sh*tty friends. See what I mean folks? You never know until it's too late!

Lawd almighty lady you need to just throw this WHOLE man AWAY. Him and his trash friends. OUT.

Just the sheer fact that her husband blamed HER for HIS friends hitting on her because she lost weight AFTER HE TOLD HER TO! Insane. I mean how can you love somebody like that!? The human heart is a sadist. 

This is exactly how people responded to the story. 

Thankfully, the OP  eventually realized that she’s in a manipulative relationship, and added that she won’t be coming back to her husband:


This is literally the first thing she needed to hear.

This is how the original poster responded to the comment:

There is nothing better than the feeling of when you're finally able to rip of those freakin' rose-colored glasses, and see the person for the real POS that they are. 

I'm just so happy she was finally able to do that!

Yep, exactly - heaven forbid you to allow this to keep you from having another child because you're afraid of how your husband may react to your weight again!

I mean how WILD is that!? It honestly makes me want to go out there and punch a whole bunch of men in the face.

This is also very true... it sounds as though this pr*ck never left the frat-boy phase. 

I mean if he still needs to the approval of his as*hole friends, that's HIS problem, not hers. You also definitely do NOT want to be raising kids in that kind of environment either.

Thank the universe for like-minded people on the internet who are always ready to shake some darn sense into you. If she hadn't have taken to posting this stuff online, who knows what might have happened. Domestic violence is never too far away from manipulative behavior, after all.

So remember ladies -and of course, gents - if someone if making you feel bad for being who you are, and their behavior is making you feel completely worthless or bad about yourself - it is WRONG and that's not how someone who allegedly loves you should be making you feel.

Well folks, tell me how you feel about this one. Have you ever found yourself in a manipulative relationship/situation but didn't realize until much later, or know somebody who has and would like to share your/their story? What do you think are the biggest red flags we need to look out for in these kinds of situations? Let me know in the comments! And don't forget to share this with your family and friends so that they may their say too - you never know who may need to see this! AAx